Taking Stock: December

Wednesday, 16 December 2015

This is definitely my favourite type of post to write. Find all of my other taking stocks here.

Making: a revision check-list for my January exams. I have two on the same day... what are the odds??
Cooking: a Christmas dinner for Jack and I last weekend! We had our own little perfect celebration
Drinking: all of the Christmas hot chocolates at all of the coffee shops. No surprise there!
Reading: endless philosophy, as always. I cannot wait to graduate and read something fictional again
Wanting: the most wonderful Christmas in the world, which I'm sure that it will be
Looking: forward to beginning a new semester, although that does mean I'm closer to real life...
Playing: Adele on repeat 24/7. Her voice is the most peaceful sound to listen to when stressed/ill
Deciding: upon a hotel to stay in in New York! The flights are booked for next June, and I'm over the moon
Watching: Gossip Girl again... oops. I started to binge watch it when I was ill, and now I'm on season 3...
Enjoying: the happiness, peace, and joy that the holiday season brings. Everybody is so much kinder!
Waiting: to go home for Christmas on Saturday! I cannot wait to see my festively decorated home
Liking: fairy lights and Christmas decorations here, there, and everywhere. It's a magical time of the year!
Wondering: what I'll be doing on New Year's Eve. I know I'll be at Jack's home, but doing what?
Loving: my brand new high-wasited jeans from ASOS. I'm never buying jeans from elsewhere again!
Hoping: that my January exams aren't too soul-destroying. It's my last batch, and hopefully my best??
Marvelling: at how fast 2015 has flown by. It has been such a fantastic year full of love and laughter
Needing: more hours in the day. This degree malarky is hard—who knew, eh? 
Smelling: the most amazing candle in the world (still). Find out all about it in November's favourites
Wearing: the same five outfits on repeat. I've not bought a new wardrobe this winter; I need one!
Following: no one right now... I have so many YouTube videos to catch up on over the Christmas break!
Noticing: how much faster time goes when you're having fun (and have no impending deadlines!)
Thinking: about how lucky I am to have the wonderful friends and family that I do. I love you all x
Admiring: the decent selection of Christmas films that are on Netflix this year! Home Alone all the way
Buying: Christmas presents galore! I wrapped them all last week, and it took me 3 hours
Getting: colder by the day! Thank god for my fluffy m&s dressing gown or I would have frozen by now
Bookmarking: every winter scarf I come across. They're just all so warm and beautiful!
Disliking: that one of the best years of my life is almost over—I'll just have to make 2016 even better!
Snacking: on my advent calendar. I love having a constant supply of chocolate in my life again

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