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Sunday, 27 December 2015

Today is usually my least favourite day of the year, having worked in retail over the festive period for the previous three years. This December I have been retail-free, meaning no crazy sales customers every second of the day today. Instead, I only plan to get dressed if I can muster up the motivation to go for a run, with my dressing gown being the main piece of my ensemble for the rest of the day.

My Christmas week has definitely been a good one. It began with a lovely roast at my brother's flat with his girlfriend. We spent the afternoon cooking and exchanging a few presents, and then settled down to watch Home Alone 2 after our gigantic feast. Monday saw a little bit of revision, as today might see as well, due to my exams at the end of January. I'm definitely looking forward to an exam-free Christmas next year! Tuesday was a wonderful day. I was reunited with my best friend, and we spent a few hours in a cafe down the road from her house chatting away with her other bridesmaid, Jess. We had pancakes, and bacon, and waffles, and eggs... and it was glorious. I then headed into town to meet some of my oldest friends, Hannah, Amy, and Ellie, for a festive Wagamamas before meeting my mother bear to go to the pantomime. A very hectic day! Wednesday was my dad's birthday. We spent the afternoon doing last little bits of Christmas shopping, and we had the most beautiful meal at a Greek restaurant in the evening. Christmas Eve saw one of my first ever attempt at Pilates! It was definitely a lot harder than I had imagined, but I would love to do the stretches regularly come 2016. The afternoon was spent with another old friend of mine, Victoria, doing what we do best—eating at Frankie & Bennys. I then returned home for an evening with the family before heading to bed for the big day. Christmas Day itself was lovely. We spent over an hour opening our presents in the morning, and my mum cooked the most magnificent dinner. The majority of the day was spent playing a silly game that I bought for my brother called 'the yes or no headband game'. We each had a name on our foreheads and had to guess who we were, and it was honestly the best part of the day. Boxing Day saw a little bit of baking on my behalf, and I accidentally made the world's biggest cookies. I'm excited to take them to Jack's with me tomorrow, where I get to spent 5 or so days with him leading into the new year! I absolutely cannot wait.

How have you spent the run up to Christmas? Was your week just as fab as mine? Leave me your stories!

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