Sunday Thoughts

Sunday, 20 December 2015

Does this not look like the most perfect sunday morning breakfast? A stack of american style pancakes topped with melted butter and golden syrup, and a beautiful rich hot chocolate with mouth-watering marshmallows. Room service please? I am currently sat in my bedroom back home, having just had my first night back in my house, and today will consist of a lovely Christmas dinner with my brother and his girlfriend!

As for the week just gone, it mainly consisted of last minute Christmas shopping and Christmas films. Last Sunday was mine and Jack's dedicated Christmas day where we exchanged presents and cooked far too much food. We then cuddled up on the sofa to watch Arnold Schwarzenegger in the so-bad-it's-actually-really-good 'Jingle Bells'. It was a perfect day and I never wanted it to end! Monday then consisted of picking up my last few Christmas presents in town, as well as helping Jack choose a few of his. Wednesday was a special day as it was my first pizza in a very long time—myself, Jack, Meg, and Patrick ordered dominoes, and it was heavenly. Jack and I then plonked ourselves in front of the TV for the Apprentice semi-final. Have you guys been watching it too? Who do you think will win tonight? I'm in two minds! Then came Friday which saw a last lunch out with Jack to say goodbye until after Christmas, an afternoon of packing and cleaning, and an evening spent blissfully in the bath. Lazy days are better days, sometimes. My dad then came to pick me up yesterday morning to bring me home to Nottingham. I managed to wrap the rest of my presents and organise all of our family's presents underneath the tree. My house looks super festive, which is amazing to come home to. My mum and I then spent our afternoon watching the recent Cinderella film. In the last week, I have watched far too much Gossip Girl. I haven't binge-watched a season all year, surprisingly, and I've got back into the habit fairly quickly. Netflix, we've been reunited. What are you watching right now?

How have your guys spent your last week before Christmas? Leave me all of your stories below!

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