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Sunday, 13 December 2015

After a looooong week with various different illnesses, I'm finally starting to feel better. I woke up with an awful cold last Saturday, and spent most of the weekend napping and binge-watching Gossip Girl (sorry not sorry). My was-cold then turned into the backache that I experience every few months, leaving me in agony for the first few days of the week. Unable to sleep, I headed to the doctors with the intention of being prescribed stronger painkillers, and I walked away with my wish in hand. Since then, my pain has been far less brutal, and I have actually been able to have an enjoyable end to my week. Oh, the drama!

Besides the illness and the pain, my week has included a few festive activities. I managed to wrap almost all of my Christmas presents on Thursday afternoon, before I ran out of wrapping paper. Fear not! I had lent a reindeer roll to Jack, and plan to finish off the job in the next few days. All of the presents are displayed prettily underneath mine and Meg's Christmas tree, ready to be taken home next Saturday. When ill last Sunday, I enjoyed a lovely and soothing bath with Lush's Star Dust bath bomb. Keep an eye on the blog tomorrow, as there will be an entire post dedicated to the wonder! What's better than a Lush bath to pick you up when you're down, eh? Jack and I went out for lunch yesterday at one of our favourite places to go in Withington—Solomans Cafe Bar. Jack had an incredible looking goats cheese and avocado salad, whilst I chomped down on a pepperoni pizza (you can tell I was starting to feel myself again). I then spent the afternoon painting my nails with something more holiday appropriate, and Jack and I cuddled up in bed to watch Home Alone last night. Today is our official Christmas Day together, where we'll exchange presents and have an amazing feast, and then cuddle up to another Christmas classic this afternoon. Too excited to wait, I may have opened my presents a few days early... My favourite of the lot was the amazing John Lewis man on the moon mug that he found for me, which you can spot over on my Instagram.

How has your week been? Have you been up to anything Christmassy? Leave me your stories!

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