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Sunday, 6 December 2015

The inevitable has happened—I have developed a winter cold, and I feel like I am on my death bed. Okay, that might be slightly dramatic... but this headache and runny yet blocked nose combination is not making me a happy bunny. Thank god that I don't have any impending deadlines, as napping has been the only thing at the forefront of my mind this weekend. Jack has been the most perfect boyfriend by cooking me dinner, bringing me both tea and lemsip, and letting me watch Gossip Girl on repeat.

Despite the negative ending to my week, the last seven days have been as lovely as ever. When I arrived back in Manchester last Sunday after visiting home for the weekend, Meg and I decked our flat out with Christmas decorations! We now have a beautiful tree near the window in our front room, as well as fairy lights here, there, and everywhere. Nothing could feel more festive! I managed to get a lot more of my Christmas shopping completed on Tuesday, and I headed home with a crazy amount of bags hanging off of each arm. I even bought my wrapping paper, and so I am going to dedicate a day this week to wrapping up all of the goodies that I've picked up (obviously with Christmas music blaring in the background). I edited the last issue of the Mancunion for 2015 this week, and it's our holiday season special. It's jam packed full of everything festive, and I cannot wait to pick up a copy tomorrow morning! On Friday, I had a much needed catch up with one of my closest friends in Manchester, Marie. We went for a lovely lunch at Home Sweet Home in the Northern Quarter, and we ordered the most incredible hot chocolates with whipped cream and marshmallows. We chatted for a few hours, before taking a nosy at some shops whilst running errands, before getting the bus home together. And now I'm cuddled up in bed feeling sorry for myself. How long do colds last? 9 days? Please can I wake up tomorrow and feel 100% normal again...

How have you spent the last seven days? Have you had a cold yet this winter? Leave me a comment!

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