Review: Trek Protein Flapjacks*

Friday, 18 December 2015

Breakfast is never a meal that I give much thought to. On the odd occasion I'll treat myself to a bowl of granola or weetabix but, more often than not, the first meal of my day will be at lunchtime. Breakfast bars, however, are definitely something that I use as a quick and easy fix to my breakfast dilemmas. Often too expensive to constantly have in stock in my cupboard, I was over the moon when I was sent a mixed box of Trek protein flapjacks from Natural Balance Foods. There were 16 energy bars in the box, with a variety of 6 different flavours: berry, banana, coconut, original oat, cocoa, and raisin. The first thing that I was greeted with when opening the package was this adorable label with a bee printed on it. It was to let me know that the box was definitely mixed, despite having 'morning berry' being written all over it. It's lovely to know that Nature Balance Foods care about the environment as much as they do about my breakfast needs!

Although some of the flavours weren't for my taste, both my flatmate and my boyfriend were more than willing to take some off my hands. Jack tried the banana bread bar and the berry bar, loving them both. The banana bread was definitely his favourite, as he is an absolute banana fiend. Meg took the raisin bars from me as her library breakfast during her deadlines recently. With no time to spare to make breakfast in the flat, the bars acted wonderfully as mid-morning snack and energy boost. 

For myself, the original oat bars are definitely my favourite. Oatey cookies are my second favourite kind (coming in straight after my much loved white chocolate cookies), and so I knew that the oat bars would go down a treat. The cocoa ones were also gorgeous, being that little bit more filling with the chocolate strip on top of the bar. The coconut bars were my third favourite, but they were definitely still very much loved! It was nice to try something a little bit more outside of my usual taste palette, whilst still remaining comfortable.

Overall, the box of goodies have worked out fantastically as a quick and easy breakfast for me recently, and I will definitely be holding on to a few to use as energy boosts before exams in January. I'd love to buy an entire box of the original oat flapjacks—they are absolutely to die for!

Are you a fan of breakfast/energy bars? Have you tried anything from Natural Balance Foods?

*DISCLAIMER: this post contains PR samples, but all opinions are my own

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