Monthly Favourites: November 2015

Wednesday, 2 December 2015

November is always the most tiring month of the year with endless essay deadlines on top of a copious (albeit normal) amount of weekly university work. Regardless, it has been an enjoyable four weeks. The month began with my annual reading week, which was spent in Manchester. It was full to the brim with essay and dissertation research, as well as a few cute dates with my best friend. The following three weeks were spent in deadline hell, using every spare moment I had to read, make notes, and write. I did give myself a few trips into town to begin my Christmas shopping, as well as buying myself a few treats (most of which appear in this monthly favourites). Mid month, one of my oldest friends, Victoria, came to visit me for the day, and we had a little look after the Christmas markets. I ended the month at home in Nottingham, having not been home since my birthday in October. Mama Bear and I went to go and see the final Hunger Games film, which I thoroughly enjoyed. What did you guys think of it? Onto what I've been loving throughout November!

Meg bought me this heavenly candle for my birthday last month, and I haven't been able to stop smelling it since. It lets off the perfect aroma of the holiday season, and I can definitely see it being lit throughout the whole of December too. When given the chance to have a relaxing bath this past month, I made sure that my favourite candle was burning away at the other end!

I have wanted to try something from the Burt's Bees range for such a long time, but I can never find it in my local Boots. Can anybody from Manchester please tell me where it's hidden??? When I stumbled across the range in Waitrose back in Nottingham, I made sure to pick up a lip balm! It is the most incredible tasting balm I've ever come across, but whether it does any wonders for my dry winter lips I am yet to tell! As something that I've wanted for quite a while, it just had to go into this favourites post.

Jack's Mum and Dad kindly treated me to a House of Fraser voucher for my birthday, which could only mean one thing... a new MAC lipstick! I actually purchased two, with the second being 'New York Apple', a beautiful Christmas red. 'D For Danger' is the perfect Autumnal berry, and will definitely last me will into the winter as well. I haven't reached for any other berry lipstick recently, as it's matte formula gives the most perfect finish.

Oh my goodness, I have never made a better snap decision than to buy this nail polish! I was wondering around the H&M beauty section, swatching the lipsticks and blushers that I've read reviews about, and becoming disappointed at not finding anything that I wanted. Migrating to the nail polish stand, I should have known that I would walk away with a few in hand. This colour is the most gorgeous orange/red and, even though I picked it up on a complete whim, it is my new fave shade.

I am sat writing this blog post in the most glorious dressing gown in the world, and I have never been happier. After watching Zoe Sugg's September Favourites video a month late, I stalked the M&S website for a good three weeks until this beauty came back into stock. As I had a gift voucher from Jack's grandparents for my birthday, I took full advantage and ordered it straight away when it reappeared! I have never made a better purchase, and I can see this dressing gown being my daily attire for the next five years...

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06: Tanya Burr cover of Glamour Magazine
Who else headed out at the beginning of November to buy this beauty? Tanya Burr is one of my absolute favourite people in the world, and it makes me so happy to see her getting everything that she wants and deserves. From bringing out more products in her make up range, to being on the front of Glamour magazine, to buying a dog, to getting married to her best friend... 2015 has definitely been her year! The article itself is so inspiring, and it's lovely to see another side of Tanya that I've not known before.

If you've not already seen my dedicated blog post to this drink, definitely go and read it now! I love Christmas for many reasons, but the festive drinks in all coffee shops have definitely got to be one of the best parts. I could not get enough of this drink in the last four weeks, and I will be drinking it as long as it's on the menu. January, you will break my heart!

What've you been loving throughout November? Let me know in the comments below!

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