Can We Talk About: Wreaths

Tuesday, 22 December 2015

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My favourite Christmas decoration, but by far one of the most expensive around, is the wreath. Whether it's placed delicately on the front door, hanging above the fireplace, or resting on the dinner table as a centre piece, the Christmas wreath brings so much joy to my little heart. Pinterest is always one of my great loves, and it has shone bright this holiday season. My winter board has quickly become one of my most filled, and it consists mainly of wreaths! There is nothing that screams Christmas quite so loudly, to me.

Unfortunately, I have never owned one personally. My family have the most beautiful wreath that lives on our front door throughout the holiday season, but the price point is too extravagant for me to have one on my Manchester door. I have found various wreaths that have grabbed hold of my heart, and I have definitely been tempted to opt for a wreath opposed to a month's worth of food... but alas, food has always won the battle. Hey, who could resist pigs in blankets at this time of the year? I would love to own my own wreath, busting with bright green leaves and red berries, to hang in pride of place on my front door. If I'm being greedy, a secondary wreath would look amazing placed in the middle of my (currently non-existent, but this is house-planning Kassi talking) dining table, with candles and pot pourri in the middle. Oh, that is the dream!

What is your favourite festive decoration? Are you a fan of the wreath, or does your heart belong elsewhere?

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