The A-Z Happy List

Monday, 30 November 2015

Sometimes I find myself getting so caught up with the business of my every day life that I forget to take a moment to stop, breathe, and take in all the astounding beauty around me. Here is my a-z happy list.

Adeleis there anyone on this earth with a more beautiful and powerful voice than Adele?
Bakingalthough I am definitely not an expert, I love baking goodies! Check out some past ventures
Christmasthere is nothing that I don't love about this time of the year: it is really and truly wonderful
Disney—no matter how old I get, every single disney film will always make me cry buckets
Early mornings—only when I have the luxury of doing nothing. It's such a massive sigh of relief!
Fluffy slippersthere is nothing better than coming home and stepping into shoes made from heaven
Going out for breakfast—it's definitely the best meal that you can have out. Browns is a personal fave!
Hot chocolate—especially from Starbucks! I am loving their Christmas special honey & almond right now
Ikeasuch a guilty pleasure. I could happily spend all day in IKEA, and the misfortune of my bank balance
Jackhow could I leave my favourite person off of my happy list? He fills my heart to the brim every day
Kitchen accessories—my favourite place in the home to decorate. How I dream of the perfect kitchen!
Lush bath bombs—they are just remarkable. The pretty colours, the alluring scents, the special effects!
Mum and dad—the most supportive two people that I could ever have asked for
Nail polish—it's just such a simple way to pamper yourself, even when you're frantically busy!
Otto—(my dog) a year and a half since his passing, all the videos and photos still put a twinkle in my eye
Pantomimes—a huge tradition between my mum and I! A year doesn't pass without at least two pantos
Quotes—I love to live by a few simple quotes, with 'If you want to be happy, just be' as one of my faves
Red lipstick—it always puts me in a sassy mood. Oh, I'm wearing red lipstick? I can defeat the world!
Sunflowersno other flower makes me quite so happy. They're just big and yellow balls of joy
Tacos—this is slowly becoming my favourite meal! It is literally chilli con carne in tortilla shells: heaven!
Unique gift websites—such as not on the high street and etsy. They sell such beautiful, one of a kind things!
Very cute animals—cheating a bit with the letter, but very cute animals make my heart scream
Writing—having this space to tip tap out whatever my heart desires... it's my favourite thing in the world
eXtra cheese on a pizza—because who doesn't love a mouthful of pure heaven?
Yo sushi—I'm not a fish fan, but sushi is one of my favourite dishes. Gimme the prawns, chicken, and duck!
Zoos—One of my favourite places to visit, spending both my 18th and my 21st birthday at the zoo

What's on your a-z happy list?

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