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Sunday, 8 November 2015

Snuggled up to my bedtime penguin pal, listening to the wind and rain beat against my window—that is how I have begun my Sunday morning. Having planned on going out for a run this morning, I have opted to stay wrapped up in my warm, cosy bed and tip tap out my Sunday thoughts instead (hey, I'm a poet and I didn't know it). I don't mind if it starts to rain half way through my run, but I have no willpower to leave the house if the rain has already begun. Who's with me on that?? The images that I've fallen in love with this week aren't particularly season appropriate, especially considering how festive I've been feeling over the past seven days. Regardless, the flowers were too pretty not to feature, and I have been dreaming of owning a Daniel Wellington watch for over six months now. Oh, and stripes. Always stripes.

Not a great deal has happened in the last week. It's been reading week for my university, but, sadly, I've been too overwhelmed with work to go home. I have three essay deadlines this month, one week after the other. The first essay is due in tomorrow, which I thankfully finished on Thursday after a looooooong day in the library. The second is due in next Tuesday, which I've managed to write 1,000 words of so far. And the third? Planning begins tomorrow, as the deadline is in two weeks time. The highlights of my week have been ordering a Nandos takeaway on Friday night, and having a relaxing bath followed by watching The Holiday last night. Every other moment has been full to the brim with writing, planning, and tutorial work.

My blog had its two year anniversary this week! Headed to my Facebook page to write a quick note, I ended up writing a heartfelt letter: Two years ago today, I opened to create my very own blog, to find out that I already had an account. It was unused, as most of my forgotten social media is, but it did make me chuckle. Writing runs in my veins—always has, always will. I had just moved to Manchester two months prior, and was starting to feel incredibly homesick. With no diary, and with (what it felt like at the time) no one to talk to, what did I do? I turned to the internet. Two years down the line, my blog is my absolute pride and pleasure. It is a tiny corner of the internet that is dedicated to all the silly little things that put a smile on my face. It's a place where I can share my weekly activities, a place where I can reveal what fashion/beauty bits and bobs I've been lusting after recently, a place where I can discuss my farfetched hopes and dreams. It is a place that I can be totally and irrevocably me. Like I mentioned in a recent blog post entitled '21 before 21' (cheeky self promo, how could I resist??): if you are considering starting a blog and are unsure, or are nervous about other people reading your writing, I strongly advise you to take the leap. It is unbelievably rewarding (both emotionally and materially). My blog is my therapy, my best friend, my second home. Thank you for all of your continued support—it honestly means the absolute world to me to know that there are people out there that love to read the content that I want to write. Here's to another two years (and more)! 

And on that note, I'm going to drag myself out from under the covers, wash up last night's pots and pans, and watch the Remembrance Day parade on TV. How are you spending your Sunday?

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