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Sunday, 22 November 2015

MY DEADLINES ARE OVER, MY DEADLINES ARE OVER! Well, I have my final essay of semester one to submit this afternoon after one last proofread, but then I can actually breathe. November is always the busiest month of the year, trying to fit in two or three essays all within a week of one another... and it's my final November as a student! I might not have any essays due in for a while, but my dissertation research will have to start up again in the next week or two, as well as thinking about revision for my January exams. It never really ends, does it? At least I'm over one hurdle, and a very big one at that!

Other than slaving away at the hardest essay I've ever written this week, I have managed to fit in a few treats here and there. I received my massive Morrisons food delivery last Sunday, which was full to the brim with my favourite goodies. My online shopping has taken a new turn—food shopping is so much fun on the internet! Jack and I went for a lovely meal at Bills in Manchester on Thursday evening as a bit of a stress reliever. I've only ever been to Bills for breakfast in Nottingham, and Jack had never been at all, so it was a new experience for the pair of us! It has a totally different vibe to the morning, and we enjoyed amazing food over a candlelit dinner. My oldest friend, Victoria, came to Manchester on Friday, and we spent our day shopping... as always. I've made a small dent into my Christmas shopping now! And the best news of all this week—the world's fluffiest dressing gown from M&S finally came back into stock!!! It was the one that I mentioned in this wish list, but it has been out of stock in most sizes for a good three weeks now. Refreshing the page every day finally paid off this morning, as every single size is back in stock! I ordered myself one straight away, with the help of a birthday gift voucher for Jack's Nan and Granddad. Pick up day on Wednesday could not come sooner... Also, who saw Adele take over BBC1 on Friday night? She leaves me speechless.

How have you guys been this week? What adventures have you been having? Leave me your stories below!

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