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Sunday, 15 November 2015

Oops, it's still November and I'm really hella festive. I'm not even sorry. Christmas truly is the most wonderful time of the year—the Christmas markets have opened, the Christmas lights are on, the Christmas drinks have sprung up in all coffee shops... how could I not be feeling festive? I actually began my Christmas shopping this week, and have planned presents for one or two more people so far. I cannot wait until Meg and I put our Christmas tree up, and make our flat feel super festive. We can have nights in, fairy lights shining everywhere, with all the candles lit, and our fave film on the TV. What could sound better??

Despite how Christmassy I'm feeling, I am still in essay hell right now. I submitted one at the start of the week, I plan to submit my second today, and my final deadline is in just over a week. I did give myself a break from all the stress and the panic on Friday, as I took a long needed trip into Manchester city centre to treat myself to a few new bits. I had a nosey at the new beauty line that H&M have released, and ended up picking up two gorgeous nail polishes. Then, I popped to House of Fraser to spend the gift voucher that Jack's parents so kindly gifted to me. I walked away with a MAC bag (obviously), with two lipsticks in tow—and I only had to contribute £1 to them! I was also gifted an M&S gift voucher from Jack's Nan and Grandad, and so I ventured in to find the dressing gown that I have been longing after for the past month (which will be featured in an upcoming post this week). Unfortunately, they only had bigger sizes left, and so I walked away empty handed. Cry! I did manage to begin my Christmas shopping though, before heading home to catch up on a little bit of work. Otherwise this week, I have spent a few afternoons in the library writing my second essay, and this weekend has been spent doing all of my tutorial work for next week. All my hopes are pinned on finishing my final essay before Friday, in the hope of having a slightly less stressful weekend...

Anyway, enough about me and my bloody essays! How have you guys been this week?

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