Sunday Thoughts

Sunday, 1 November 2015

Happy November! This week's Sunday Thoughts is another authentic one, laying here in bed at 10am. I have so much work to do this next week that I'm just not quite ready to get up and face it all. Now that November is officially here, I think that I can definitely start celebrating Christmas, right??? My birthday is gone, Halloween has passed us by... plus, it'll be the only thing keeping me sane throughout a month of essay deadlines. Has anyone started their Christmas shopping yet? I think I ought to get cracking!

The past week has been full to the brim with essay research, dissertation research, and general university work. Third year is not fun so far, I can tell you that. Regardless, I have still managed to have a lovely week. Tuesday evening was spent in the bath with my fave Lush Cup O' Coffee face mask on (watch this space for a special mention tomorrow). Meg gifted me the cutest bath tea bags for my birthday, and they all smell heavenly. I dunked one in my bath, smothered my face in an exfoliating mask, and relaxed blissfully for half an hour. The little things, eh? Thursday evening saw an amazing meal at Las Iguanas for myself and Jack. Being on their mailing list, they kindly emailed me a free birthday meal voucher. You can't say no to free food—especially when it's Mexican! I had the most incredible chicken skewers that I've ever had in my life, and Jack devoured some tasty looking burritos. Although we spend most of our days together, we're trying out a new 'date night' each week, to get us out of our weekly TV routine. We experienced something new together on Saturday night, as we carved our very first pumpkin. With not a lot of expertise, it didn't turn out 'scary' per say, but we had lots of laughs making it. We lit a tea light and popped it inside, before placing it on the windowsill for the world to see. We then made hot chocolate and snuggled up to a horror movie on Netflix.

What does November have in store for you guys? Are you excited about Christmas yet?? Let me know!

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