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Tuesday, 10 November 2015

L-R: Toggle To The Top, All Tied Up, It's Genius, Good To Go Top Coat
As a nail polish addict, Essie is one of my great loves. However, with an £8 price tag on each bottle, I can't quite justify owning the entire collection. The amazing topcoat 'Good To Go' is the only bottle that I will buy time and time again. It recently dawned on me that it's possible to buy old shades that aren't sold on the high street anymore for a lot cheaper on Fragrance Direct. Having a scroll through all of the beautiful colours that they have to offer, I made three purchases—and it came to under £10.

Toggle To The Top (£2.49)as soon as my eyes caught sight of this glistening red, I had no choice but to add it to my basket. I'm not a glitter nail polish fan at all; it's a pain to apply, it's a pain to remove, and it chips horrendously. 'Toggle To The Top', however, is that perfect mix between a normal nail polish and a glitter. Applying smoothly, it takes two coats to give your nails the perfect make over. I will warn you though, it's just as troublesome as glitter to remove. I can definitely see this being my go-to winter polish!

All Tied Up (£2.49)—I have been wanting to get my hands on either Essie's 'In Stitches' or 'Eternal Optimist' for quite some time now, as they both look like the most amazing mauve colours. Seeing 'All Tied Up' for almost a quarter of the price though, the decision was obvious. With olive skin, my 'nude' is a lot darker than the norm, and so this shade of mauve is my perfect neutral polish.

It's Genius (£2.49)—my third and favourite Fragrance Direct Essie purchase was this gorgeous purple shade. With no glitter feel whatsoever, it has a glittery shine running all the way through it, making your nails sparkle. As much as I love being adventurous with my nails, painting them every colour of the rainbow, my favourite shades will always be a standard purple. With an extra bit of shine, this polish has cracked its way into my go-to colours.

Good To Go Top Coat (£8.99)—this top coat cost more than the other three polishes put together, but it is 100% worth it. Purchased from Boots, this top coat makes my life an incredible amount easier. Able to pop onto semi-dry nails, one swipe of this polish and my nails are dry within 30 seconds. No weird imprints, no smudges. This is the second bottle that I have purchased, with the first one lasting me four months. Considering that I used it every single time that I painted my nails, which can range between 1-3 times a week, that's pretty good going! Expensive, but worth the investment.

What nail polish have you been loving recently? Anything from Essie? Let me know in a comment below!

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