Baking: Peanut Butter And M&M Blondies*

Thursday, 26 November 2015

A few months ago, I decided to bake Tanya Burr's incredible blondies and, as I love to post all of my baking adventures here on my blog, I dedicated this post to the wonderful creations. As it has vastly become my favourite treat to bake, and is actually my most viewed blog post, I decided to mix up the ingredients a bit! So here is Tanya Burr's blondies take two, with a peanut butter filling and an m&m topping—absolutely delicious!

One of the key ingredients when baking yourself any goodies is the egg. Almost 90% of the eggs that you will find in your local supermarket will have the British Lion mark. This mark is a sign of health and safety to let you know that the eggs that you are buying have been produced safely. Since the British Lion scheme was introduced in 1998, Salmonella has more or less been eradicated within British eggs. This makes baking so much easier, as you don't have to worry about accidentally poisoning yourself if your baking adventure takes a turn for the worse! To find out more about the calories in an egg, how eggs can influence your diet, and the food safety mark that British Lion eggs have, visit If you're going to recreate these tasty treats, or use eggs to bake/cook anything at all for that matter, please do it safely by using British Lion eggs!

Now for the blondies! Everything that you need (this recipe, plus 1 tbsp of peanut butter & 1 bag of m&ms):
150g white chocolate (non-cooking chocolatedoes not work, for the record!), 125g butter, 150g caster sugar, 2 caps of vanilla essence, 2 British Lion eggs, 1tbsp peanut butter, 200g plain flour, 100g white chocolate chips (I used a mixture of white and milk chocolate), approx. 15 pecan nuts, 1 bag of m&ms

Firstly, melt your white chocolate and butter together. The easiest method is definitely the microwave, but I always find that it makes the mixture a weird consistency. Without a microwave, I have no other option than to melt them manually using boiling water and a hob. Most white chocolate slabs come in 200g packets, so definitely treat yourself to any spare squares whilst you patiently wait for your mixture to melt...

Once your chocolate and butter have melted together, pour them into a large mixing bowl along with your caster sugar. Mix these well together and it should become a grainy consistency. You'll then need to pour in 2 caps full of vanilla essence into your mixture, and stir it in. Next step—eggs! If you're bad at cracking eggs like me, I would advise you to crack them into a separate bowl in case of any rogue shell pieces. Once they're cracked, pour them into the mixing bowl and stir them in with the rest of the mixture. Be careful at this point, as it's easy to scramble them if you don't keep constant movement when mixing them in! The next step of my recipe was to add some peanut butter. As an experiment, I added 1 large tablespoon into the mixture, and stirred thoroughly. As the bowl then smelt gloriously of peanut butter, I opted not to add any more. If you're a peanut butter fan, I would definitely say that you could add another spoonful to add an extra flavour to your treats! Lastly, pop your flour into the bowl, and stir until everything is mixed together.

Next, add all of your extra ingredients! Usually this would consist of pecans and chocolate chips, but I decided to layer the top of the blondies with an entire bag of m&ms. For the pecans, cut about 15 in half and stir them into the mixture. Chocolate chips are completely optional! I usually add 100g white chocolate chips but, as I didn't have that many, I decided to use half white and half milk instead. They turned out just as beautifully, and so it's up to personal taste. Once the mixture had been poured into a tin lined with baking paper, I sprinkled all of the m&ms on top. Although they did turn out delicious, I would probably recommend to use slightly less than the full bag. Having so many does make them difficult to cut when they're done! Pop your creation into the oven for 28 minutes on 170° for a crisp finish, or 25 minutes for a slightly softer taste.

The finished result? INCREDIBLE. I am so happy with how these beauties turned out (as is Jack). Have you been baking anything recently? Let me know all of your baking stories in a comment below!

*DISCLAIMER: this post contains a paid for advertorial but, as always, all opinions are my own

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