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Friday, 23 October 2015

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Zara, I am so in love with you right now. Autumn is always your prime time, with your stores overflowing with baggy jumpers and thick woolly scarves, but you have definitely outdone yourself this year. Sadly, I find it difficult to navigate myself around the Zara in Manchester city centre. That hasn't stopped me, however, as I have narrowed down an extremely long succession of open tabs to longingly wish for these ten items - enjoy!

Let's begin with the obvious - stripes. Three of my current stripy t-shirts are from Zara, and I am longing after at least two more. The first has a slightly longer sleeve, and has a little cartoon pen and paper with the text 'draw me'. It caught my eye as soon as I spotted it on the website because it's just too cute! The second is a basic striped tee, with embellished stars all over it. I actually featured this top in a recent article for the Mancunion (here), creating a typical Kassi autumn outfit.

Quite a few lacy tops grabbed my attention whilst scrolling down Zara's website, and I managed to limit them down to just three. First of all, we have the black beauty at number 3 above. It looks as though it flows out wonderfully, and would be the perfect top to pair with black jeans for a more smart-casual look. The second lacy top that I just had to include in this wish list is the gorgeous white frilly number. As another smart-casual top, it would make a fab addition to my wardrobe! I could definitely see myself wearing this with a denim skirt to dress it down, and black skinnies to dress it up! Lastly, the top sitting at number 6 above. I'm not quite sure what drew me in, as it's not a style that I would tend to opt for. However, the sheer fabric had me in that 'smart-casual' mindset again, and the colours are fantastically autumnal!

Another two items outside of my comfort zone reside in this wish list - a floral velvet dress, and a metallic t-shirt. The dress looks ultra comfortable, as well as looking super stylish. Although I wouldn't describe floral as outside of my comfort zone (past Kassi's entire wardrobe looked like a meadow), the material is certainly new for me. I lean towards day-dresses that can be dressed up, whereas this dress is definitely something more appropriate for the evening. The metallic t-shirt is something that I'm unsure about. I adore the way that the model is wearing it (tucked into a black denim skirt), but I don't think I would have the confidence to pull it off.

The last three items in my wish list are a bit of a mix - a scarf, a jumper, and a pair of jeggings/skinny jeans. Zara's scarves are always wonderfully warm and thick, practically acting as blankets. This pink/red colour is so unbelievably beautiful, and in scarf form, it would be too good to miss! The jumper that I am longing for is a dark grey colour, with batwing sleeves. I am in love with all baggy jumpers, hating anything thick and tight fighting. With such roomy sleeves, this jumper would be absolutely perfect for me. The final item on this wish list is a pair of rusty orange skinnies. Pairing well with the majority of items in this wish list, I think that I would wear these jeggings to death. Is that reason enough to buy them???

Is there anything on this wish list that you'd love to get your hands on? Leave me a comment below!

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