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Wednesday, 7 October 2015

When you're as busy as I am, time management is everything. Before the Summer, I was balancing a part-time job alongside my degree, on top of running a blog, socialising, spending time with my boyfriend, and actually having me time. Now that this academic year has rolled around, I am facing the exact same hectic life, swapping a part-time job with my editing role for my student newspaper. Although I can sometimes go into panic mode with a never ending to do list, I am generally quite good at managing my time - here's how.

Firstly, remember to breathe...
I'm sure that we've all had those days where there is so much that we need to do that we simply ignore it, and procrastinate instead. Although this might be an excellent calming strategy, it is definitely not a productive one. When it all gets a bit too much, remember to actually breathe! Stressing out about your to do list isn't going to make it any easier, and so take a step back to reflect on what you have to do (and then do it).

Make a list
Although I've been using the phrase 'to do list', it wouldn't surprise me if most people don't write down the tasks that they have to do. Rather than having a constant stream of thoughts running through your mind trying to remember everything, putting pen to paper will make your life a lot simpler. Having a visual list of what you have to do and for when makes my next tip more straightforward.

There will be tasks on your list that can wait for a rainy day, whereas others will have a strict deadline. Phonecalls, for example, are something that you should put at the top of your list. The further and further you push them back, the less likely that they'll actually get made. If you're a student, always put your university work first. As much as I would love to spend every day of my life blogging, if I have an essay to write or an exam to revise for, blogging definitely takes second place.

Use your free time productively
This tip especially applies to running a blog. People always ask me how I have the time to post 3 or 4 posts a week, thinking that I sit down and write them the night before/the morning of. Instead, I plan two or three weeks in advance, always having a few blog posts scheduled to go live. That way, I can let my mind relax when I'm too busy to dedicate my time to blogging, and let my mind run wild when I have a completely free day with nothing to do. Most of my blog posts get written in bulk, and my pictures get taken the same way!

Forgive yourself, and take a break
At the end of the day, you need to have some time for yourself. If you don't manage to post as many blog posts one week because you'd rather spend time relaxing, that is 100% okay. You need to put yourself and your mental health at the very top of your list, and remember not to beat yourself up about not ticking everything off. Get the important things done (essays, revision, sleeping, and eating!), and take a break.

I hope these tips have given you a little insight into my organised brain! How do you guys manage your time?

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