Taking Stock: October

Monday, 19 October 2015

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Making: plans for the next year. Exciting but scary, as always...

Cooking: cheese on toasted bagels just recently. It's soooo good, and is the perfect after-dinner treat
Drinking: pumpkin spiced hot chocolates. It's the first time I've tried pumpkin spice, and it's incredible!
Reading: philosophy upon philosophy upon philosophy... It's definitely not the Summer anymore
Wanting: more hours in the day! I'm only just getting by (check out my time management post here)
Looking: at blank walls in my bedroom. I'm in two minds about whether to decorate them or not...
Playing: Paloma Faith on repeat. My love for that woman is never-ending
Deciding: how to present the fashion & beauty section of the Mancunion every week. I love it!
Watching: The Apprentice! The new season is here, and I could not be more excited for it
Enjoying: being back in the same city as my wonderful boyfriend, and spending quality time together
Waiting: for my birthday! Jack and I are off to Chester Zoo for the day, and I cannot wait
Liking: my bedroom windowsill. It has all of my photoframes laid out onto it, with all of my favourite people
Wondering: if it'll snow this year. I hate snow (it ruins everything)
Loving: my Chelsea boots from Jack Wills. I've finally found a long-lasting pair of winter boots!
Hoping: that this will be my best year yet at university. Praying for that first class degree!
Marvelling: at the beautiful colours of the falling leaves. The view out of my window is beautiful!
Needing: to mix up my make up bag (still). I do love my daily make up routine though...
Smelling: the amazing crisp autumn scent in the air. It just smells so fresh compared to the summer!
Wearing: my favourite ASOS jeans constantly, with a trusty jumper, and a tartan scarf #autumn
Following: all of my blogging faves. Check out my dedicated post here
Noticing: the difference that your surroundings have on your happiness. Living with Meg is fab
Thinking: of all the deadlines that I have in the coming months... can I crawl under a blanket please?
Admiring: Essie's autumn range. I so almost bought 'leggy legend' the other day, but stopped myself
Buying: all of my essential make up products. Don't you hate it when everything runs out at once?
Getting: more and more organised with the help from an endless supply of notebooks
Bookmarking: Christmas present ideas already. It comes round the corner so quickly!
Disliking: the inconsistent temperatures at the moment. Do I wear a coat? Will I freeze or overheat?
Snacking: on apple crumbles. I treated myself to some in my last big shop (cheers past Kassi)

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