Sunday Thoughts

Sunday, 25 October 2015

This week's Sunday Thoughts is another authentic one, as I am laying in bed at 9.08am (or 10.08am in the real world, had the clocks not gone back) as I tip tap away at my keyboard. If you didn't already know—it was my 21st birthday this week! I have had the most wonderful week celebrating with all of my friends and family, and feel unbelievably grateful for the love surrounding me. Here's what this week had in store for me...

The week began quite stressfully, with an overload of work. Because of not wanting to do much work on or around my birthday weekend, I tried to get as much done at the beginning of the week so that I wouldn't be falling behind. After two days of stress central, my celebrations began. Wednesday saw the editing of issue 6 of the Mancunion, another issue that I am particularly proud of. I wrote a huge piece about mental health in fashion, and would go so far to say that it is one of my best articles yet. Then, in the evening, all of my university friends got together at Gusto to celebrate my birthday. I had never been to the restaurant before, but it was absolutely amazing. The place was beautifully decorated, the food was gorgeous, and the service was brill too. Would definitely recommend! I was then surprised by a cheeky round of 'Happy birthday to youuuuu', whilst the waiters brought out a cake that Meg had kindly made for me. Gotta love that girl! Before heading home, Jack and I took a detour to his house where I was presented with a bundle of gifts from him. These included a beautiful personalised necklace, my new favourite scarf, inevitable teddy bears and chocolate, lush products, a mug, a photoframe, and a miniature rose plant. Gotta love that boy! My actual birthday was spent at Chester Zoo, where Jack and I had a lovely day. Neither of us had ever been before, so it was a fun adventure for the both of us. Watch this space for a blog post coming very soon, detailing my trip! When back in Manchester in the evening, we relaxed in front of the TV to catch up on The Apprentice, with a dominoes in hand. Perfect birthday or what? Jack and I then took the train home to Nottingham on Friday morning, where we spent a lovely weekend with my family. Mama Bear and I went to see Pan on Saturday afternoon, which was definitely not as good as I had hoped it would be. The day was made by the meal in the evening, however, with my parents, Jack, my brother, and his girlfriend Becca. There's nothing better than family. When I publish this post, I am going to crawl out of bed (cry), pack my suitcase, and get ready to catch the train back to Manchester. My one last week of fun is over, and essay galore starts tomorrow morning...

How have you guys spent your week? Leave me all of your stories in the comments below!

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