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Sunday, 18 October 2015

These two images match my life pretty perfectly—constantly sporting stripes, and constantly doing work of one kind or another. Whether I'm writing and/or editing articles for the Mancunion (which I am absolutely loving to pieces, and can now confidently say that it's my career goal), or whether I'm reading endless philosophy and trying to make some sense out of it, I never quite switch off. I have one more week of freedom (my birthday week, thank the lord) before I am thrown into the stream of essays on top of endless amount of weekly work. Doesn't third year of university sound fun, eh?

This week has seen four lots of exercise—two runs and two swims. Jack and I are trying out the Aquatics Centre at different times of the day to find out when is best to go, and 10.30am is winning so far. Both of the runs were done together, which is so much more motivational than going alone. Monday afternoon was a baking one for me, as I tried my hand at making Tanya Burr's blondies again (find my blog post about it here). They turned out amazingly, and were gone within 48 hours... oops. Tuesday saw a lot of university work, as I spent my afternoon in the library for the first time this year, and Wednesday was spent in the Mancunion office, editing Issue 5. It's the fashion & beauty section's Halloween edition, and it is jam packed full of vibrant pictures. I spent Thursday evening having dinner with one of my closest friends in Manchester, Marie. We hadn't seen each other properly since before the Summer, and so we had a lot to catch up on. She cooked an incredible thai curry, and then we settled down to watch the second episode of the Apprentice. Who else has been watching it this week? Friday was then a day of work, and Jack's parents visited Manchester yesterday. We all went out for an amazing meal at The Alchemist, and were blown away by their unique decor and fab service. It was the first of my 21st birthday celebrations, and it was such a lovely evening.

What have you guys been up to this week? Any stories to tell? Leave me a comment below!

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