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Sunday, 11 October 2015

My week has been as busy as always, with a relaxing ending. Monday began with a trip to the SU to pick up a few copies of Issue 3 of the Mancunion. I was extremely excited to see the final product, as it was the fashion & beauty section's Breast Cancer Awareness Month special, and I can honestly say that I could not be prouder of what we created. See my excited face here, as well as reading all of the articles here! Tuesday saw the second of my dissertation meetings, where we given advice on how to structure our long essays. After a little think, I've narrowed down a few topics, and am excited to discuss them further when I am assigned a supervisor! I edited next week's issue of the Mancunion on Wednesday afternoon, accompanied by a cheese & ham toastie and a pumpkin spiced hot chocolate. Heaven! Next week's issue (which arrives on campus tomorrow morning, and will be uploaded slowly onto the website in the coming few days) is beauty central. I would definitely recommend going and have a nosey to all of you beauty bloggers out there! 

Meg and I attended our first ever Zumba class on Thursday evening, and it was one of the funniest things we've ever done together. Finding out that neither of us particularly have rhythm to unrehearsed dances, we probably burned more calories laughing than we did exercising. We've agreed to keep going every week, in the hope that we improve slightly! With my university week ending at 5pm on Thursday, Jack and I decided to go for a cute lunch date on Friday. Trying to venture outside of the usual chain restaurants we love, we tried 'A Place Called Common' in the Northern Quarter. I've been in there for drinks a few times, but never had a meal there until now - and it was gorgeous! We then headed home to do a bit of university work, and to wait for my massive Sainsburys delivery arriving at 8pm. I've got to say, online food shopping is becoming a bit of a guilty pleasure of mine... Saturday was then spent at Jack's, catching up on our favourite TV shows in-between doing more university work. Hectic, but relaxing!

How has the last seven days treated you? How are you spending your Sunday? Leave me a comment!

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