Day Out: Chester Zoo

Tuesday, 27 October 2015

Last Thursday saw my 21st birthday, and I celebrated in style—at the zoo! I spent my 18th birthday at Twycross Zoo with my dad, brother, and best friend, and I spent my 21st birthday at Chester Zoo with my lovely boyfriend. Nothing ever really changes, eh? I hadn't been to Chester Zoo before, and so I arrived with camera in hand, ready to snapshot my entire day. Follow me as I relive the amazing adventure!

Not knowing the way round, we made an attempt to follow the map. We began by exploring the top right hand corner of the zoo, stopping off to say hello to the rhinos first of all. I didn't realise just how big they are as creatures; I was expecting them to be more cow-size... We then discovered a really funny bunch of animals that looked like obese giant guinea pigs. Two of them started to climb the rock above them, inevitably get stuck, and fall back down. Silly giant guinea pigs. Next up, we visited 'The Island', which included a variety of different animals. The ones that I liked the most were the warthogs, digging with their gigantic snouts.

Making our way back towards the entrance, we stumbled across the elephants! A lot of time was spent watching these majestic creatures. With signs outside their pen divulging the name/age/sex of each elephant, we found out that the baby that I kept cooing at was only two months old. So cute!!! I didn't manage to get any good photos of the baby on its own, as it was always hiding behind/underneath the bigger elephants. The next stop was the 'Butterfly Journey'. Friends had told me about the butterfly house before, explaining how surreal it is for so many butterflies to be flying around in such close proximity. Although it wasn't as intense as I had expected, it was such a beautiful little enclosure. We also visited the bat house, which was definitely a lot more heart-fluttering, as tens of bats flew inches from our faces!

The flamingos were definitely a sight, as I hadn't realised just how pink they'd be. As we walked back past them later in the day, they were squawking loudly at each other—silly pink birds. The penguins and otters are always my favourite part of any zoo, as they are such entertaining creatures. Sadly, the otters didn't want to come out to play. There was absolutely no sight of them! Luckily, the penguins were available to wish me a happy birthday, swimming gleefully in their enclosure. A creature that I was unaware of until last Thursday is the bush dog, and it is my new favourite animal. Although I barely managed to catch a snap of them due to the wired fence in the way, they really did make my birthday. Running around in circles chasing each other, and running towards the camera and striking a pose... bush dogs are awesome (bush cats no so much).

Onto Jack's favourite animal of the day—red pandas!!! I took more pictures of these cuties than I did of any other creature, simply because of their adorable little faces. As one red panda climbed from the floor to the tree, a second red panda decided to poke his head out of his bed to say hello. Can you spot him in the third photo? He made Jack and I laugh so much, having a confused glance back and forth before retrieving back into his hole. The first red panda, however, carried on along the tree branch, going back and forth between eating the leaves and eating his designated food. Can I have a pet red panda please???

Before heading back to the train station, we paid a visit to the giraffes. There was a baby hiding away inside, poking his head out and licking the door every now and then. Check him out in photo two, having a cheeky peak at his visitors. Jack and I had the most wonderful day exploring Chester Zoo, and I can definitely say that my 21st birthday was well spent. Fab activity, fab weather, and fab company. What more could I ask for?

Have any of you guys been to Chester Zoo? What was your favourite animal?

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