Can We Talk About: The Dream Kitchen

Tuesday, 13 October 2015

Why oh why do I not own my dream kitchen yet??? I mean, I know that I'm still a student with no financial allowance to splurge on one... but the question still stands. Whenever I enter the homeware section of a shop, I head straight for the kitchen appliances. Whether it's a pastel cooking aid that my eyes catch a glimpse of, or an endless sea of mugs that I need in my possession, the kitchen is where my heart lies. Scrolling through my home décor board on Pinterest, I have gathered together my most treasured kitchen pins. If I ever own a house with a kitchen as beautiful as any of these pins, my life will have been made!

Let's go through the images one by one and discuss what draws my heart to them, beginning with the top left hand corner. It's a combination of factors that makes the first kitchen so appealing, but my favourite aspect would probably have to be the rose gold kettle. When rose gold first came into fashion, I avoided it at all costs, much preferring yellow gold. Although yellow gold is still my top dog, rose gold home accessories fill my eyes with joy, and my collection is slowly growing. Oh how I dream of a beautiful old-fashioned kettle to whistle as I work. And the striped rug obviously caught my eye... Carrying on along the top row, it's the wallpaper in image two that I love. Monochrome with an accent of colour is definitely my favourite colour scheme! Image three also includes some rose gold; this time in the form of a vase. To have fresh flowers present in my kitchen at all times would be so satisfying, but definitely pricey. Anybody feel like funding my flow of flowers? I would absolutely love a pantry like in image four, allowing me to have a literal walk-in-wardrobe for all of my food needs. It would declutter the actual kitchen, allowing easy access.

Moving down to the bottom left picture, I am a massive fan of pots and pans hanging from hooks above the surface top. I also love the pristine white look of the kitchen - a dream that would certainly never become a reality. The next image gives off a slightly old-fashioned vibe, with a gorgeous wooden table, accompanied by painted wooden chairs. Although modern is the style that I tend to opt for, I would adore an old-styled kitchen that feels a lot more country. The penultimate image screams pastels galore! It would be incredible to cover my kitchen counter with pastel appliances, as well as a rose gold accent dotted around. Finally, the bottom right image appropriates my love of mugs. An entire cupboard, in eye's view, of stacked mugs is inevitable for me, buying a mug almost every time that I enter a home store. Again, going back to my love of flowers, the colours really brighten up the monochrome room.

Can someone pleeeeeeease buy me a kitchen already??? What is your dream kitchen like?

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