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Monday, 7 September 2015

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Shout out to the wonderful Lisa for introducing me to the beauty that is Olive Clothing. Somehow I have managed to resist purchasing anything just yet (to which my bank account thanks me), but as Autumn is fastly approaching, I can feel my self-control slipping... With a definite obsession with strikes, I am in constant awe as I scroll down every page. Let's take a closer look, and go through my wishes one by one!

Firstly, the pinafore. What can I say? I'm a massive fan of school-girl chic. Paired with a long sleeved white collared shirt, and maybe even a jumper thrown over the top, the outfit would scream style. If I could actually pull the look off, though, is an entirely different question. The other dress-type item that I have my eye on is the stripe frilly dress. Stripes are a given, but the frilly style gives the dress a much more feminine look. It would definitely be very weather appropriate, as it would look perfect over a thick pair of black tights. Throw on some black chelsea boots, a leather jacket, and a woolly Winter scarf, I'd be good to go.

The three t-shirts that my eyes darted to on the Olive Clothing website are obviously all stripy. The first is a basic navy and white striped tee, at quite a reasonable price too. Could this be my first Olive purchase??? I already own my fair share of navy and white striped tees, but they're all white with navy stripes. It'd be lovely to invest in a navy tee with white stripes as something slightly different. Another striped tee with a slight difference is no. 6 - a white tee with navy stripes, with little sailing boats dotted all around the shirt. Edging far away from floral prints, nautical prints are definitely more my thing now. The wine coloured tee looks a bit thicker, and with the addition of longer sleeves, it would be the perfect Autumn staple.

Two jumpers caught my fancy - one thick, one thin. The thick is a woollen knitted charcoal shade, and looks like the cosiest jumper on this planet. I definitely need more crew neck jumpers in my life, and so this one ticks all the right boxes. The thinner jumper is another item in the beautiful wine colour, which I absolutely adore for the Autumn season. If you've read my August Pinterest post (here), you'll know just how badly I want to pull of the sweater/collar combination. The gorgeous camel shirt that I've picked out would look just perfect underneath both of my jumper picks - looking very simple paired with the charcoal, and striking a contrast paired with the wine. I just want to look so warm and cosy (and of course, stylish) this Autumn!

Have you ever looked on Olive Clothing's website? Go and have a nosey here - it wouldn't surprise me if you come away with an even bigger wish list than mine! Do we share a similar style at all? Leave me a comment!

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