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Friday, 25 September 2015

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Just look how beautiful these seven pieces fit together! Before finding an actual H&M store in Nottingham over the Summer, I was always a bit too scared to order anything from the website. However, after seeing in person just how incredible H&M's home collection truly is, I have chosen my favourite few pieces to present to you all in a wish list. It is no secret that I spend an equal amount on home decor than I do beauty and fashion, and so the temptation to get my hands on some of these beauties is unreal. Dear friends and family - maybe see this as a birthday wish list? Nothing screams turning 21 like pretty adult homeware, right???

There is quite a strong gold theme running through this wish list, which I absolutely adore. In the past, I have always picked far too many colours to run together into some kind of 'theme', and so (learning from my mistakes) I am loving the vibe of monochrome and gold right now. The pineapple candle is something that I have had bookmarked for quite some time, and at £4.99 it is definitely something I can see myself buying. The mirror is absolutely gorgeous, with the only disadvantage being how small it actually is. It is ideal to place on a shelf, however, which would look pretty sitting amongst frames and ornaments. The glass with a gold rim is actually labelled as a toothbrush holder, but I could see myself using as either a pencil pot, or storage for my make up brushes. It's just so clean and simple, and ties in with my other choices perfectly!

Cushions have always been a great love in my life, and I have even dedicated an entire post to it in the past (here). Carrying on with my simplistic theme, I see red as an ideal accent colour. The first cushion cover I stumbled across was in the amazing monochrome and red/orange checked print, and I am so close to adding it to my basket. Sitting alongside the plain red velvet cushion cover, my little flat would look so wonderfully Autumnal. It wouldn't be a Kassi wish list without a pinch of stripe loving, and so my final cushion pick was in a nautical style. This would sit happily on my sofa throughout every season of the year.

The last item on my wish list is the matte grey bowl, which I would probably use as a form of storage. The gold rim is definitely what sells it to me! It comes in a light pink and an almost teal green as well, alongside matching tea cups with saucers! H&M home, why are you doing this to me???

What's your opinion on H&M home? Is there anything that I've picked out that you're longing for as well?

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