The Perfect Autumn Outfit

Monday, 21 September 2015

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Autumn fashion is my all time favourite fashion. What could be better than warm scarves and rusty colours? (The answer is nothing). I am unbelievably excited for the coming weeks/months, watching the leaves change colours as they fall off the trees, and actually having a valid excuse to be carrying a Starbucks at all times. On my usual round of all the 'new in' sections of my favourite fashion websites, I collected my fave picks to create an outfit that just screams Autumn. This is how I want to be dressed at all times for the rest of 2015.

To begin with, a good quality pair of black boots are an essential. I had an absolute nightmare with boots last year (to cut a long story short, I somehow broke three pairs. Don't ask), and so this year I have decided to invest in some that will last. A few weeks ago, I took advantage of the Jack Wills' bank holiday weekend discount and purchased these beauties. I have never owned a pair of chelsea boots before, and this pair have definitely converted me. I cannot wait to wear these all Autumn long, and far into the Winter months too!

Secondly, a basic striped t-shirt. Come on, it's me - would I really create an outfit without adding an element of stripes? You guys know me better than that! The one featured above is this babe from Abercrombie & Fitch. I already own far too many stripes in my wardrobe, and so I might not be adding this one to my basket anytime soon. I love that this top comes in a variety of different colours/styles, as I am in desperate need of a plain white tee to wear with these amazing jeans that I bought from ASOS the other week. Best buy ever!

Next, we have a staple check scarf. Scarves are 100% my favourite fashion accessory at this time of the year, practically owning one for every day of the week. The fave in my collection is red plaid, which looks fantastic paired with all black in the Winter. For Autumn, I would quite like something a bit more orange infused, and so this one from New Look would be the perfect choice.

A jumper!!! It's not Autumn without a big woolly sweater to cosy into, and I am loving this cream one from Mango. I don't actually own many cream items of clothing, and so this would make a lovely change to my wardrobe. Paired with the New Look scarf, the colour scheme would have me grinning from ear to ear.

Lastly, I have included an ASOS bag that I will have probably bought by the time this post goes live. I always make the mistake of buying a handbag with a really distinctive colour, meaning that I either get bored of it after a few months, or it only fits into specific seasons. My current big handbag that will fit my laptop and university books in has a shade of light pink running through it, and I'm just sick of the sight of it. I'm hoping that purchasing a black bag (with a touch of snakeskin, obvs) will satisfy my bag needs for much longer.

As the weather is getting colder, I will definitely need to start thinking about a coat sometime soon. My initial thoughts are a black parka - what do you guys think? What are your feelings about my perfect Autumn outfit?

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