The Best of Love Actually

Thursday, 3 September 2015

No matter the time of the year, there is never a wrong time to watch Love Actually. it may be set around the festive period, but if you need a film that will fill your heart with hope and love, and stretch a smile on your face from cheek to cheek, Love Actually is your saviour. I absolutely adore the concept of the film, with nine different but intertwining story lines drawing you in throughout. Although it wouldn't be the same film without all nine, some are (in my opinion) significantly better than others, and so I've decided to rank them all, from least interesting (9), to most heartbreaking (1)! Let's see if my list matches yours...

09: John and Judy
John, played by Martin Freeman, and Judy, played by Joanna Page, are two stunt-type doubles, that perform all of the sex scenes for a movie. Whilst they're filming, and taking part in extremely awkward acts for strangers, they begin to chat and end up thoroughly liking each other. Although it shows that you can meet the love of your life absolutely anywhere, there isn't much to the storyline that draws me in, personally.

08: Colin, Tony, and the American Girls
Although Colin (played by Kris Marshall) is one of the characters that makes me laugh the most, there isn't anything too serious about his storyline either. Not able to find love in Britain, he flies to America in the hope of finding a girl, and ends up meeting three... a good filler storyline.

07: Sarah, Karl, and Michael
This one is actually really quite upsetting - the only reason that it's not very high up is because there are too many others that I prefer. This is the storyline with a woman (played by Laura Linney) whose brother is in what seems to be a mental institute, and having to take care of him heavily affects her life. When she tries to get close to a man that she has been in love with for a while, her brother inevitably affects their relationship.

06: Harry, Karen, and Mia
One of the scenes of Love Actually that makes me sob the hardest involves this storyline - when Karen (played by Emma Thompson) goes off to her bedroom to play music, and have a silent cry. I've never been too sure how this storyline ends, as Karen and Harry (played by Alan Rickman) still seem very tense in the final scene of the movie, but I would like to think that they are working through their problems. Silly Snape.

05: Billy Mack and Joe
I have such a strong love for Bill Nighy, who plays the musician 'Billy Mack'. Although I adore Love Actually for its moving scenes, Bill Nighy manages to add just the right level of humour to slot into the film. I also love the way that this storyline shows that love is not only for couples - it's for lifelong friendships as well.

04: Juliet, Peter, and Mark
This storyline is probably the one the most people think of when Love Actually is mentioned, picturing Andrew Lincoln (who plays Mark), holding up a sign with the words 'to me, you are perfect'. That entire scene is definitely one of my favourites in the entire movie, and the way Mark deals with being in love with his best friend's wife is extremely mature and sensible. Another storyline showing that friendship love is strong, as he would never want to do anything to ruin his friendship with Peter.

03: David and Natalie
Who else would love to see Hugh Grant as the Prime Minister? Yes please yes please. The scene of him dancing to Jump by Girls Aloud must be one of the greatest movie clips of all time. Although the love story between him and Natalie is adorable, I care more for his role as the Prime Minister. His speech on why we should be proud to be British is incredible, and his voice used for the beginning and end of the film is perfect.

02: Daniel, Sam, Joanna, and Carol
This storyline managed to sneak its way into the second spot for the utter cuteness of a little kid running after the love of his life through an airport, through all different kinds of security, just to see her before she gets on her plane. How I wish someone would do this for me!!! (note to you Jack, if I ever decide to move countries) Oh, and Liam Neeson crying deserves an Oscar.

01: Jamie and Aurelia
My number one spot goes to Colin Firth, and his bi-lingual love story with Lúcia Moniz. Their love for each other, despite barely being able to understand anything that the other says, really does warm my heart. The subtitles showing that they're saying pretty much the same thing, but neither of them knowing, does it for me. And then they learn each others languages... and then they get married! What a perfect love story.

What order would you rank the Love Actually story lines in? Do you agree with my list?

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