Sunday Thoughts

Sunday, 27 September 2015

This week's Sunday Thoughts is coming to you a little bit later than usual. I have a dirty confession to make - my Sunday Thoughts posts are never actually Sunday thoughts. I love having my posts go live at 9.00am, and so I always write out the overview of my week the night before. However, to finally add some authenticity to my weekly chats (and due to general hectic-ness), I am breaking my 9.00am rule, and coming to you live!

The past week has been spent in three different cities - Manchester, Nottingham, and Sheffield. It began in Manchester - my final week before starting back at university. My Dad was in Manchester on business last Sunday, and so he paid me a visit! We had a lovely few hours in Salford Quays, exploring the Lowry art gallery. The remaining members of my first year flat that are still in Manchester (two have gone to America for the year) met up on Monday, and we shared our afternoon eating cake and catching up after the Summer. Tuesday saw a quick trip into town with Jack, along with my first ever Fashion & Beauty contributor meeting for The Mancunion! It was nice to see a few faces that will be joining us for the next year, and I can't wait for some of the coming issues that we have planned. Issue 2 comes out tomorrow, and I'm going to head straight for the Students' Union to grab myself (and my parents) a copy.Thursday morning saw a train journey home to Nottingham, where I spent a wonderful two days with my Mama Bear. I then travelled to Sheffield on Saturday to celebrate one of my oldest friends' 21st birthday! We had an amazing meal, headed back to the house to get ready, and then spent our evening dancing away. It was great to catch up with some of my faves! And now, as I am writing this, I am back in Manchester after a lovely weekend, with a roast dinner cooking in the oven (big props to Meg for that). What a fantastic way to end my week, and begin the next!

How have you guys been? Get up to anything interesting this week? Leave your stories below!

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