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Sunday, 20 September 2015

Nothing quite says Sunday like a cacti t-shirt and a cute puppy, am I right?

The last seven days have been full of responsibility. First of all, my Sky broadband was installed. As easy as it was to set up, it was not all smooth sailing - I was left with excruciatingly slow internet, forcing 4od adverts from 4 minutes to 20 minutes in length. Snore. Paying for a service that I was definitely not receiving, I rang up Sky for a little bit of help. With a few cable adjustments, my wifi has vastly improved, and I am much the happier. The second responsibility that I had this week was to fix my TV areal. With no TV reception since I moved in two weeks ago, I finally managed to arrange a time for someone from the realty company to visit. Like with my internet, it was a simple cable solution, and I can now watch Bake Off, First Dates, and Gogglebox at the same time as the rest of the country, hallelujah! 

Bills aside, I have had quite a big responsibility at The Mancunion this week. Thursday was spent in the Students' Union, learning how to use both Wordpress and InDesign. I managed to post all of the articles onto the website (which you can find here), as well as designing the first issue of the Fashion & Beauty double-page spread in the physical newspaper. With more practice, I'm positive that our section will look fab every single week - my fingers are crossed that I managed to do it justice all on my lonesome this time around! We are now planning articles for our next few issues, which is making me extremely excited.

Otherwise, this week has seen two runs and one swim. With no proper running route, I was starting to become demotivated to actually go out the door, but I have now managed to find a nearby park to run in. Tuesday was mine and Jack's eight month anniversary, and so we celebrated by going out for a lovely meal in the Northern Quarter. It is an absolute need on my list this year to try out more restaurants, instead of visiting all of the same chains. The last exciting thing to happen this week was Meg moving in! I can finally settle down and know that I'll have some company when Jack's not around. It's gonna be a good year!

What have you been up to this week? Leave your stories below!

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