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Sunday, 13 September 2015

My image choice this week fully represents what I am loving right now. Autumn has swung its head around the corner, and I am so excited! The few walks that I have taken around my new flat this week have been just lovely (bar yesterday when the rain came pouring). Collecting home decor inspiration for my flat, I have come across a lot of variations of frames and ornaments on shelves. Whether it's above the bed, above a desk, or filling an entire wall, I think that it's such a fab way to display all of your artsy pieces. Although I'm pretty happy with how I've laid out my room, I definitely need to fill up the blank spaces on my walls.

The first week back in Manchester, in my new flat, has been just lovely. Moving all of my belongings in made me realise which bits and pieces that I was missing, meaning that it's definitely been a week of home purchases. With no proper make up storage, and my collection inevitably taking over half of my desk, I treated myself to this beauty. I have actually been able to categorise my make up for once, which I am over the moon about! Other purchases included some kitchen essentials (tea towels, a washing up bowl, two bins), as well as a shoe rack. Jack and I took a morning trip into Manchester city centre last Sunday morning, where we had a wonderful welcome back breakfast at browns, as well as a good shopping spree. Tuesday saw more shopping for myself, as I visited Chesire Oaks outlet with two of my Fossil friends, Emily and Amelia. We had a lovely day wondering around all of the shops, and ended it with a gorgeous carvery! Thursday and Friday consisted of Mancunion meetings, as myself and the other editors were trained up on all of the important editorial information. With no more commitments until university starts back up in two weeks time, I can definitely see the next fortnight being very chilled out (I kicked the relaxation off by spending all of yesterday in my pyjamas, snuggling up with Jack on the sofa to the Batman trilogy).

Enough about me - how are your beautiful faces? Leave me all of your stories in a comment below!

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