Sunday Thoughts

Sunday, 6 September 2015

This week's Sunday Thoughts post seems a tad insincere, being written on Friday evening. Moving into my new flat tomorrow (yesterday by the time this post goes live), it dawned on me that I will have no internet until Monday, meaning that a little bit of planning was needed. By the time your beautiful faces will be reading this, I will be waking up in my flat for the first time (hopefully being brought tea in bed by Jack). Oh how excited I am to be back in Manchester, living with a best friend, and being a 10 minute bus journey away from my fave.

My last week in Nottingham has been just wonderful, and I am leaving with a brimming smile on my face and a glowing warmth in my heart. Nottingham really and truly is my home and, no matter where I end up once I have graduated, there will always be a massive place in my heart for this city. There's no place like home, right? My week actually began down South, visiting Jack over the bank holiday weekend. We had a lovely few days doing what we do best - playing board games, ordering Chinese food, and falling asleep in front of the TV. As his garage has some gym equipment in it, I took advantage and substituted two outdoor runs for two runs on the elliptical trainer. Having never used one before, I wasn't quite sure what to expect, but I actually enjoyed it a lot more than I do literal running. I've never considered joining a gym before (why pay for it when I can run for free?), but now I'm definitely giving it some thought! Back in Nottingham, I have spent a few days having (sort of) goodbye meals with a few friends, shopping for some Autumn essentials, and going on a gigantic back-to-uni food shop with Mama Bear. Wednesday evening saw a Frankie & Bennies' with my oldest friend, Victoria, and we spent a lovely few hours chatting and laughing. Thursday afternoon saw a little bit of retail therapy all on my lonesome, picking up a few essentials, as well as collecting my B-E-A-UTIFUL chelsea boots from Jack Wills (have a sneaky peak here)! I then met my friend Jess for a meal at Zizzi's, and had such a wonderful evening. Today saw a mahoooosive food shop with my lovely Mother, and I am moving back to Manchester fully stocked. I then spent my afternoon packing away everything that I brought home for the Summer (which was waaaay more than I expected, oops). I brought home my fave nail polishes, and am somehow headed back up North with two small make up bags full... #sorrynotsorry.

How have you spent your week? Has it been as wonderful as mine? Leave me a comment below!

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