My Love/Hate Student Experience

Wednesday, 23 September 2015

Two years into student-hood (definitely just made that word up, oops), it would be an understatement to say that I have had very mixed experiences. There are aspects of student life that I cannot stand, but there are also parts that I won't ever be ready to give up. As the academic year is just kicking off, I thought that I would share my personal love/hate relationship with being a student. Fingers crossed a few of you can relate!

Let's start on a positive note - my love student experience. The first thing that springs to mind is the freedom. Living away from home definitely has its advantages, and the freedom that accompanies it is something that I have thoroughly enjoyed. Being in complete control of my daily routine and not having to rely on anyone else has made me so excited for adulthood. Another aspect of student life that I love is (obviously) the long Summers. This is something that I will find extremely difficult to give up, as I am so used to only working for nine months of the year. Having three months to chill out over the warmer months is a definite positive of being a student, and I have sadly just finished my final student Summer - cry!! This may not be the same for everybody, but I actually love cooking. It makes me happy to try out new recipes, and being able to choose exactly what I want to eat and when. I definitely don't enjoy how much food shopping costs though... The last aspect on my love-list is the excess amount of free time. This sort of ties in with the long Summers, but is an active part of student life all year round. My course requires nine hours spent in lectures and seminars, and then I have the rest of the week to do as I please. Some people may find it difficult to discipline themselves to do the assigned work, but I revel in the independence!

Despite all of my loves, I have also had many hate student experiences. As someone who doesn't enjoy drinking or partying, the social aspect of university has been difficult for me at times. First year was definitely a struggle, but I have found it easier and easier as my university career has continued. The student stereotype of drinking copious amounts is definitely not something that I fit under. Although I do love the freedom that university has provided me with, the responsibility can get a bit too much at times. Bills, for example, can be quite frightening to deal with, and it is not fun to find out how much money you have to pay to wash your pots in the real world. Back at home, that worry doesn't even cross my mind. Exam pressure is the aspect of student life that I will miss the least. Knowing that I only have two more sets of exams left makes me far more excited than it should, but exams are an actual fear in my life. Education, why you so hard?? It is also no secret that I have found being away from home tough. It was definitely harder in the first year of university, but I still get gigantic waves of missing home. I have actually written a post about how to deal with homesickness, which you can find here.

What do you think of the whole student experience? Do you have anything to add to my lists?

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