Can We Talk About: Avocado

Friday, 11 September 2015

Over the last few months, I have been having a mad love affair with avocados. Never did I ever think that I would enjoy a fruit so thoroughly, but I really and truly do. My personal fave combination is avocado and prawns - my definition of heaven in a dish. As a big nacho fan, I have always said no to guacamole, feeling very unsure and scared, but perhaps it'll dazzle my tastebuds now. Falling head over heels for the green beauty, I have been stalking everything avocado on Pinterest (find mine here, wink wink), noting down the best meal ideas. Some of these are definitely going to be making their way into my weekly food rotation!

Let's go through the images one by one. Firstly, we have an avocado quesadilla. Mexican food is my all time favourite culinary, and so this one looks right up my street. Secondly, we have a simple breakfast/snack of avocado on toast. I am actually doing quite well at eating breakfast nowadays (I don't generally tend to be hungry in the morning, but I'm forcing myself into the habit), and so this would be a great addition to my morning adventures. The third image makes me SO excited - an avocado pizza!!!! Over the last six months, I have definitely limited my pizza allowance, and so having a healthier alternative would be lovely to try. If I am actually successful at making one, I will 100% be dedicating a blog post to it to share with your beautiful faces! The fourth image really makes my mouth water, as it looks like such an incredible combination of ingredients. Chicken, plum tomatoes, rice, and avocado - I need this dish in my life pronto! Second to last we have another chicken dish, with a tomato slice and an avocado slice layered on top, with melted cheese as the finishing touch. As amazing as the taste of avocado is, I need something slightly more filling to accompany it, and so chicken would work wonders. Lastly is a meal that I would be very intrigued to have a go at making - an egg cooked into an avocado. Egg is another great love of mine, and so the duo would just about blow my mind. This would definitely be another breakfast idea, once I figure out a method of making it!

What are your thoughts on avocado? Are you having a love affair with any food? Let me know below!

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