Wish List: ASOS Accessories

Friday, 14 August 2015

Make Up Bag, Backpack, Ballet Flats
Accessories are something that I don't tend to shop for very often. Fashion, beauty, and homeware are the main three types of products that I search for, both in store and online, but 'accessories' is a category that never crosses my mind. Scrolling through the depths of ASOS (as per usual), I found myself drawn towards these three products more than any items of clothing. Falling in love with each one (as per usual), I thought that I would bring them to your beautiful faces in the form of a wish list!

Let's begin with my favourite item of this wish list... the gold munchkin ballet flats!!! A few months ago, my shoe collection was very minimal. I basically lived in two pairs of converse, a pair of boots, and a pair of black pumps. Now? I've bought four pairs of shoes since March, and I am obsessed with them all. These shoes are the cutest that I have ever seen, and I need need neeeeeed them in my life. Having wanted a pair of gold shoes for a while, they're absolutely perfect. I may have to buy them before this wish list goes live...

My second favourite item is the tan structured pocket backpack. I've always been a massive fan of backpacks, but never found the one. I need one big enough to carry my laptop and uni notes in, but not so much that it takes over my entire back. This backpack actually looks like the ultimate size and shape, as well as being the most gorgeous colour. Come September, I may find myself coming back to this wish list again!

Thirdly, and lastly, is the nautical themed 'All Aboard!' make up bag. As much as I love my current make up bag (which you can find in a recent post here), I would prefer a slightly smaller alternative. As you will all know by now, stripes are my pattern of choice, and so I was instantly drawn to this make up bag. It also has a bright pinky coral colour inside, which would illuminate all of my make up wonderfully!

What do you think of my little accessories wish list? Do you adore these items every bit as much as I do?

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