The Haircare Battle: OGX vs. Garnier Ultimate Blends

Friday, 28 August 2015

Trying to mix up my haircare routine, I decided to venture out of my usual Aussie comfort zone, and invest into a different brand. I have wanted to lather OGX products through my hair for a few months now, but have always shuddered away at the price (£6.99 a bottle). In comparison, the Garnier Ultimate Blends come in at £2.79 a bottle, and so are a damn sight less expensive. Purchasing and disliking one of these two brands, I opted for the other instead, which is my new favourite haircare brand. But which one won the battle?

Dislike: Garnier Ultime Blends ('The Strength Restorer') Shampoo and Conditioner

It was, in fact, the cheaper product that my hair did not agree with! I wouldn't go far as to say that I hated the haircare combo (the smell is absolutely to die for), but it did not help my hair the way that I wanted it to. The tagline of 'the strength restorer' is the feature that drew me in, as my hair is forever snapping and breaking. I probably didn't use the combo for long enough to really feel the benefit of that aspect, as I decided against it after two washes. The conditioner felt really thick, and no matter how much water I lathered over my head, it still felt as though some product was left in my hair. Instead of giving that wonderful 'my hair is so smooth and knot-free' feeling that conditioner usually gives me, I stepped out of the shower feeling as though I had only made my hair dirtier. I usually wash my hair every other day, but after just one day, it needed washing again.

Love: OGX 'Ever Straight' Brazilian Keratin Smooth Shampoo and Conditioner

The reason that I actually managed to try out an OGX product at long last is because it was sitting in Jack's shower when I went to visit - win! The smell was heavenly, and it succeeded in giving my hair that smooth feeling once washed out. The remarkable thing about this haircare combo is that it makes me second day hair feel just as soft and grease-free as my first day hair, which I have never found to happen with any other brand. This miracle combo is now the only haircare that I ever want in my shower, and I'd be interested in trying out different flavours (that can't be the right word???) of the OGX collection. Have any of you tried another flavour (deal with it) that is just as fab, that you could recommend?

Have you tried either of these brands? How did your hair feel about both products? Leave me a comment!

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