Taking Stock: August

Friday, 21 August 2015

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Making: a list of ideas for the Mancunion. I still cannot believe that I have been made Head Fashion Editor!
Cooking: healthier food. I've been loving avocado and prawns whilst I've been home for the Summer
Drinking: more and more (and even more) tea. It's definitely my go-to drink, even in Coffee shops now!
Reading: a vast amount of inspirational quotes on Pinterest. Find my little collection here!
Wanting: to mix up my make up routine. It's been the same for two months now - I need to shop my stash!
Looking: forward to moving into my new flat with Meg. It really does look like it's set to be the best year yet!
Playing: Sia's album when on a run. It's such motivational music that really makes me want to dance
Deciding: how to arrange my new room in my head. Roll on September and some new home decor!
Watching: my favourite films over and over. This month - 13 Going On 30, Up!, and The Devil Wears Prada
Enjoying: my new mindfulness colouring book. It is so calming and relaxing! I need to invest in another
Waiting: for the Apprentice to come back onto the TV. It's one of my faves, and I cannot wait!
Liking: the way that my blog is looking just recently. I'm finally happy it, hallelujah!
Wondering: what this time next year will look like. I will have graduated... that's a scary thought
Loving: the days that I get to spent with Jack this Summer. It's been so lovely whenever we've been together
Hoping: that this next year doesn't fly by all too quickly. Real life is exciting, but oh so scurrrrry
Marvelling: at all of the Autumn collections coming into stores. I am so excited for sweater weather!!!
Needing: to buy myself a beautiful new notebook for my role as fashion editor this coming year!
Smelling: all of the candles. Definitely going to be investing in some for mine and Meg's flat soon
Wearing: as many Summer dresses as possible. Come October, they will be hidden away again!
Following: my fave blogger (and good friend) Lisa's new blog. Please go and share the love here!
Noticing: how enjoyable exercise can be. I definitely want to join a Zumba class when I'm back at uni!
Thinking: about the day trips that I could take in the coming weeks to get some amazing blogging content!
Admiring: everything from H&M home. The one in Nottingham is actually like a little slice of heaven
Buying: countless amounts of stripy t-shirts. I'm definitely out of my floral fad, but now I have a new one!
Getting: into breakfast - at long last! It's not an every day thing just yet, but it's becoming more regular
Bookmarking: expensive clothes that I can't afford, as per usual. Urban Outfitters, please lower your prices!!!
Disliking: that I am returning everything that I buy just lately. ASOS, get on your game!
Snacking: on crackers. Again. Someone help, it's becoming a serious problem

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