Sunday Thoughts

Sunday, 9 August 2015

If you saw my Instagram post yesterday (here), you'll know that this week is a week of celebration! As mentioned in the Insta post, I have been offered the position of Head Fashion Editor for the Mancunion (the UoM student newspaper), which I was over the moon to accept. I am already brimming with ideas for the coming year, so definitely watch this space - I will be sharing it all with your lovely faces, too! Secondly, Jack has booked his train ticket to come and spend a week with me in Nottingham, as he finishes his job this coming Friday. I am so incredibly excited to be able to see him for more than one day, and it'll be wonderful to explore my hometown with my absolute favourite person. One more week to go, and we will be reunited for an entire week! Thirdly, and (obvs) most importantly, I have managed to plank for one whole minute! Okay okay, not really that big of a deal, but it is massive progress for me. Go my little legs!

Celebrations aside, it has been a sweet little week. Last Sunday saw a cute Sunday lunch with the folks, at a nearby country pub. It was a lovely day weather wise, and so we had a nice little stroll in the local countryside. Definitely how every Sunday should be spent. I travelled down South on Monday evening to spend the whole of Tuesday with Jack, and we had the most perfect day. A lazy morning, a gorgeous lunch at a nearby pub, and a relaxing afternoon catching up with each other. As always, it was terribly sad to say goodbye come Wednesday morning, but knowing that the 36-hour-trips have come to an end is a wonderful silver lining. Friday began with a beautiful breakfast at Bills with my fave blogger and good friend, Lisa. Spinach and eggs have never tasted so good... Lisa has a textiles blog that she has been running for a while, which you can find here, but she has just recently begun a more personal blog, which you can find here! Please go over and share some love, because she is fab and deserves all the praise in the world.

Just a few things to mention to round up my Sunday Thoughts - I bought a colouring book this week, which I think will definitely come in handy in stressful/anxious situations. It's extremely calming, and is the most wonderful passer-of-time! Also, how cute is the wishbone bangle in the image above??? It's actually for sale on Etsy here, and I am definitely debating buying it/begging Jack to buy it for me. How has your week been?

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