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Sunday, 30 August 2015

These two images are two of the greatest loves in my life - beautiful home décor, and stripes stripes stripes. My homeware Pinterest board (which you can find here) is going overboard at the moment, as it is only a week until I move into my new flat. I cannot wait to make it a proper home. I'm definitely going to become a cactus person this year, featuring them either on my desk or my windowsill. I would love to display flowers on every surface, but that would definitely require more money than I would be willing to spend. Anybody want to fund me? As for stripes, need I say more? This tweet by Ingrid Nelson sums up my thoughts on the matter.

The last seven days have thankfully been back-ache free, and so my mood has certainly been more elevated. After my week with Jack didn't go to plan, I decided to come back and spend the Bank Holiday weekend with him. Having less than two weeks apart has been just wonderful! Craving a Nandos after two months away from the beauty, I begged Lyndsey to accompany me on Monday evening. We had a lovely meal (which I experimented with and ordered avocado in my wrap... best decision ever!), and spent the evening chatting away. I then followed her home to pack for her holiday the next day, whilst having puppy cuddles. The only other friend that I caught up with this week was Hannah, and we spent a cute afternoon in The Cheesecake Shop. It was much needed after a cheesecake special on The Great British Bake Off on Wednesday! Otherwise, this week has seen four runs, meaning that my Lush '93,000 Miles' shower jelly has had a lot of love. I had my last shift at work for the Summer on Friday which, if life goes to plan, will have been my last ever shift in retail. Fingers crossed??? And now I am sitting in Jack's house, preparing to go for another run, enjoying the weekend. One more week to go until Manchester, and I could not be more excited!

Enough about me - how has your week been? Leave me all of your stories in the comments below!

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