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Sunday, 23 August 2015

Before I begin my weekly round-up, can we please talk about the quote/saying above? I'm sure that I'm not alone when I say that I suffer from anxiety from time to time, and it becomes a little bit difficult to deal with. When I find myself in an anxious state, the words above sum up the mind-set I should try and place myself into. Obviously that's a lot easier said than done, but practice makes perfect, eh? And as for the fashion inspiration pictured next to it, I loooove! I haven't had the confidence to pull off dungarees this Summer, but it's definitely something that I need in my wardrobe at some point in the future.

Onto my week! Unfortunately, my backache has been in full force this week, causing me a lot of stress. Jack visited me in Nottingham, and has been a constant source of cuddles and pick-me-ups, but it has not been an easy seven days. Despite my backache ruining some activities I had planned for us both, we did manage to go and see Ant-Man at the cinema, which we both thoroughly enjoyed. Other days included a lot of walks, board and card games, movies, and napping. As I am writing this post, it is currently Friday evening, and Jack and I have headed back down South to his home for the weekend. His family are throwing a big party tomorrow to celebrate his Nan's birthday, and so it should be a lovely day full of sun, food, and laughter! As you're reading this, I will be heading back home for work, sad that my week with Jack has passed so quickly. The silver lining, however, is that it's only another two weeks until we will be reunited back in Manchester, being able to freely see each other whenever we please (plus moving into my wonderful new flat with Meg!). Although that does mean that third year is just around the corner... Help!

How have you guys been? Leave me all of your stories below!

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