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Wednesday, 12 August 2015

Whenever I walk past a homeware shop, I cannot help but take a sneaky peak. I'm not ashamed to admit that looking around Next Home, M&S Home, and IKEA fills me with just as much joy as wandering around Boots and Topshop. In just over one months time, I will be moving into my brand new flat with one of the loveliest people that I know, and so I have been picking up a few bits and pieces to make our flat a home. Needless to say that Meg and I will definitely continue filling our flat with little trinkets in the coming months...

As my brother has just recently moved into a new flat himself, we took a cheeky trip to IKEA with his girlfriend to collect the essentials. IKEA is a dangerous shop for me - everything is Pinterest perfect, and at such cheap prices too. Somehow, I managed to control myself, and only allow myself two unnecessary items. Firstly, I picked up four of these spice jars, which are holding up the 'Cook' and 'Bake' signs in the photos above. I love little glass jars like these, as they can be used for just about anything. The ideas that I've come up with so far is to use one for hair bobbles, and another for bobby pins. I'm forever losing both, and so the little jars will be the perfect way to store them. I'm tempted to store a few lipsticks in the other two - I'll have a play around when I move in. Secondly, I purchased this purple glass bottle. The colour was too beautiful for me to leave it behind, and it'll come in handy to keep a constant source of cold water in the flat!

A few weeks later, I visited Dunelm Mill with Mama Bear, and picked up a few more (*cough* unneeded) items. Walking around the accessories section, I came across this gorgeous trinket jar, with a little ribbon on top, costing a mere £2.99. I fell in love instantly, and will definitely be using this to pop all of my jewellery in. Next, I spotted a heart shaped chalk board, which I had to snap up immediately. I've been after one for a very long time, but they're always way too expensive. At only £2.99, this was a definite must-have. I'm either going to use it to write my university timetable on/any relevant notes, or to plan a weekly meal schedule. Walking around the kitchen section in any homeware shop is always a massive struggle for me, as I want to buy every single mug that I see. With strong willpower, I managed to walk away from all of the beauties that I encountered, and came across these cute 'Cook' and 'Bake' signs instead. I sent a quick picture of them to Meg, saying how adorable they were, and she replied very excitedly instructing me to buy them. If that's not justification for my purchase, then I don't know what is (and at only £1.99 each, I could hardly say no!).

I have also picked up a few more things, including new bedding, a new laundry hamper, and a few kitchen tools, but nothing exciting enough to share in this haul. Please tell me that there are others out there that love homeware shopping just as much as I do! Is there anything here that you would love to have for yourself?

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