Wish List: New Flat

Friday, 17 July 2015

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At the beginning of September, Meg and I will be moving into our gorgeous new flat, ready for another year at university. In preparation (and utter excitement), I have been scrolling through all of the homeware websites that I can think of, and my wish list is growing bigger every day. This wish list is a selection of the items that I've been admiring, and the ones that I am most likely to purchase! I doubt that I'll able to wait until September to buy myself and Meg some treats. I promise that I'll try my best to be good and resist... 

Let's walk through my list room by room. For the front room, I have come across these amazing alphabet cushions - K for Kassi, and M for Meg. The only thing that could make it more perfect is by finding an '&' cushion to put in-between! I would like to find some really beautiful letters that spell 'K & M' to put on our windowsill, but all of the ones that I've found are either made out of cardboard, or way too expensive. Does anyone know somewhere cheaper than I could find them?

For my bedroom, I have found this incredible teacup candle. It doesn't really matter what it smells like, as I doubt that I would ever actually light it, but it would look adorable just sat on my windowsill, along with the other candles that I am planning to collect this year. I'm not actually 100% sure about the bunting - I have wanted one for the last two years of being at uni, but have never quite managed to find the right one. I adore the colours and patterns of the one in this wish list, but I'm now not sure whether I want a bunting anymore. Dilemmas, dilemmas! The last item for my room is the bunny shaped hamper. The hamper that I already own has been falling to pieces over the last 12 months, and so I fancy treating myself to a new one. I could easily go for a cheap, plastic one, but I much prefer this cute alternative!

The kitchen is definitely the room that I like to buy things for the most. There are just so many amazing ways that you can jazz up your cooking area, and it can really make you feel at home. The first kitchen item that I found was a cutlery set with pastel coloured handles. I've been losing my forks throughout this year (how I've managed to do so, I'm not quite sure), and so am definitely in need of buying myself some more. Normal cutlery is just so boring now that I've found these... I absolutely adore the little 'Room Service' tray. It may be lazy, but it'll stop the endless trips between my room and the kitchen when carrying more than my two hands can handle. Plus, it would look just fab in blog photos. The last two items would be incredibly helpful for kitchen storage. The first is a mug hanger that requires no screws or fixtures - you simply hang it inside or off of a cupboard. I own far too many mugs, and this would be a great way to have some on display without taking up the entire countertop! If only I'd found this sooner. The second is a little spice rack, that would be great to hang inside or off of a cupboard with the essentials (salt, pepper, oil, etc.). Just little storage ideas like those would make the countertop so much prettier and less hectic!

I cannot wait to properly move into this flat, and start decorating with Meg. It's going to be a good year! Is there anything on this wish list that's caught your eye? What's on your homeware wish list right now?

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