Wish List: Highstreet Fashion

Friday, 3 July 2015

Pinafore Dress / Gold Stripe Tee / Navy Stripe Tee / Shirt / White Blouse / Dress
My obsession with stripes is only increasing as time goes on, and I'm not even sorry. Browsing the 'new in' sections of my three favourite highstreet shops (Topshop, ASOS, and Urban Outfitters), almost every tab that I had open included something stripy. Deciding to compile a wish list of my favourite picks, I managed to limit myself down to three striped items, alongside three other items that my heart is longing for. 

Let's get the stripes out of the way first... first up is a gold and white striped tee, which I just adore. Although navy and blue is always going to be a classic, I am utterly obsessed with all things gold right now. I can just imagine styling it with a pair of black jeans and a denim shirt - the perfect, simple outfit. The second stripe is a baggy navy and white striped tee, which I also love to pieces. For £22 from Urban Outfitters, I might just have to snap that one up! And finally, there's the striped shirt. Although I don't own any white jeans (mostly due to fear of curry-sized stains, typical me), I can imagine that the two together would look gorgeous.

Moving away from stripes, I have included two dresses and a crochet white blouse. The first dress, with a pinafore-type vibe (that honestly might just me seeing it wrong, but I think it looks funky), is my favourite item of the entire wish list. I love the pop of colour across the top half of the dress, along with the simplistic contrast with a block colour. The second dress is definitely a bit more adventurous, with a loud pattern throughout, but something about it just jumped out at me. I love the swing shape of the dress, tending to opt for more of the oversized feel with dresses (and clothes in general actually, bar skinny jeans). The last item on my wish list is the gorgeous white crochet top, which would look amazing with a denim a-line skirt that I've recently purchased from Topshop. It is a little bit outside of my usual comfort zone, but it shouted out at me!

What's on your highstreet fashion wish list at the moment? Are you stripe & gold obsessed like me?

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