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Tuesday, 7 July 2015

With the sun finally making a much-needed appearance, it felt like the perfect opportunity to write about how much I love the Summer. I have been granted three months of freedom from education, and am loving every minute of it. There are a few Summer tags floating around the blogosphere, and I've just decided to pick questions from three or four different tags, collecting together my favourite ones to answer. Here we go!

01: What is your favourite thing about Summer?
Not having to worry about deadlines and exams. Having been in education for pretty much my entire life, the Summer has always symbolised the six week - three month stretch of absolute relaxation. A complete switch off from everything I find myself engrossed in for the other nine months of the year. Peace!

02: Do you have a favourite Summer drink?
I think I would have to say J20s. I don't drink alcohol, and most of the time I just find myself drinking Coke or water. I would really like to try Rose Lemonade, and perhaps that'll become my favourite Summer drink!

03: Do you tan or burn?
I'm brown all year round, with a special peak over the Summer months. I'm just one of those lucky lucky people that has naturally olive skin... saying that, I always burn my nose on holiday, and have been known to badly burn my shoulders and the tops of my legs in the past. It always turns into a wonderful tan, though.

04: What is your favourite Summer movie?
I wouldn't say that I have a specific favourite Summer movie. I don't tend to watch films when I'm supposed to (I can be found at all times of the year cuddling up in bed with a Christmas movie, more often than not, Love Actually). Harry Potter always reminds me of the Summer, as the last few films were released around July time, and so I would love to have a Potter-fest this Summer, watching all 8 films in the matter of a few days.

05: What is your current favourite Summer clothing item?
Sunglasses. I feel like they add so much to an outfit, and they keep my hair out of my face when it's too warm to have it sweeping everywhere. I am in absolute love with the Fossil ones that I bought this year.

06: What make up look do you tend to go for in the Summer?
On holiday, I was using a really lightweight foundation for the evening, to make my skin look a lot more natural. For blush, I've been loving shimmery blushers so far this Summer, really making my face sparkle. I always tend to reach for my favourite MAC lipstick, Brave, but MAC's Pink Plaid is one of my favourite Summer shades. It's the most beautiful matte pink, and I love to jazz it up with a lipgloss on top (see here)

07: Dresses or skirts?
Usually, I drift towards dresses a lot more, as they're so simple to throw on and off when the weather is warmer. I have purchased a few skirts so far this Summer, and they're both absolute favourites. The first is a yellow floral from H&M (see me wearing it here), and the second is a gorgeous a-line denim skirt.

08: Do you prefer to wear your hair up or down in the Summer?
Down, no matter what the weather. My hair drives me crazy when it's up, with all of my little strands not wanting to be controlled by bobbles and grips. As a compromise, I use my sunglasses to push my hair back, making it out of my face, but still down and pretty.

09: What is one of your favourite Summer memories?
The days that spring to mind are picnics in Wollaton Park with a few of my closest friends. They're the most simple and spontaneous of days, but they just really embody everything that I love about the Summer. Ice cream, sun, and friends. What more could I ask for?

10: What is your favourite music for the Summer?
I definitely have specific Winter music that I like to listen to (Mumford & Sons all day every day...), but I don't think the same applies for the Summer. Probably just anything happy and uplifting - Taylor Swift's album 1989 has been constantly playing on my iTunes since it was released, and I can't see it stopping any time soon.

If you've done a Summer Tag, I would love to read it! What's your favourite thing about the Summer?

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