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Sunday, 26 July 2015

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How cute are these two homely photos that I've grabbed from Pinterest??? I am very tempted to invest in both wire and pegs to hang photos across my third year room, as well as a little wooden tray to carry tea from room to room (like mentioned in my recent home wish list here). Pinterest provides me with inspiration every single day, and is fastly becoming one of my favourite social platforms. My top three pictures to pin are fashion, home décor, and motivational quotes. Go and have a nosey by clicking here

Jack and I were reunited this week, but only for a mere 31 hours! I travelled down South late Sunday evening, and headed back home early on Tuesday morning. We spent Monday doing what we do best - watching movies whilst cuddled up on the sofa, and eating fabulous food. It was a lovely day spent with my favourite person in the world, and I was heartbroken as he left at 6.30am on Tuesday morning. Saying goodbye never gets easier. As soon as I was back in Nottingham, it was straight to work for me. Wednesday saw a cute afternoon spent in the Cheesecake Shop with one of my best friends, Ellie. It was so wonderful to catch up on each others lives from the past few months. Have you ever had a friend that you don't talk to that often, but when you do it's as if you speak every single day? That's Ellie for me. Despite our infrequent contact with each other, we still tell each other every single detail about our lives. She's a keeper, she is. On Friday, I caught up with another one of my oldest friends, Hannah. We had lunch at the Waitrose café down the road from my house, and chatted away for a few hours (with tea and brownie in hand).

It's been a nice little week, catching up with some of my absolute faves. I managed to get a few blog posts written as well, which I am more than happy with! How has the last seven days treated you beautiful people?

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