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Sunday, 12 July 2015

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Not a great deal has happened in the last seven days. With my parents on holiday, my brother working 9-5 every day, and no shifts at work for myself, I've spent the majority of my time binge watching Modern Family. I may or may not have watched the entire first season in the last week (#sorrynotsorry). 

I have actually been somewhat productive by cleaning out my bedroom. Living in Manchester for two years now, I've come to realise that I don't use half of the things in my room back home. I made three piles - a charity pile, an attic pile, and a rubbish pile (the biggest being the rubbish pile, full of random scraps of paper from years gone by). It was weirdly nostalgic to look back through old school books, as well as birthday cards from the last 3 or 4 years. My bedroom is definitely looking a lot more organised and a lot less cluttered.

My best friend, Lyndsey, got a puppy this week, and so I went to go and visit her new little family on Tuesday. He is the sweetest little Border Collie, who fell asleep in my arms like a baby. Adorable! We had a lovely afternoon watching him, and then having a game of Scrabble between the pair of us. I also saw my oldest friend, Victoria, this week, and we spent our Thursday wandering around both Boots and IKEA, and then having a girly afternoon with face masks and Netflix. Perfection!

It's definitely been a relaxing week, and it's been lovely having my brother around to keep me company in the evenings. Having so much free time has allowed me to take an abundance of blog photos. It's brilliant living in a house with pretty wooden floors, as it makes taking blog photos so much easier. That makes me even more excited to move into mine and Meg's flat in September, as it has beautiful wooden floors throughout.

Not a lot to report on this week, but it's always so therapeutic discussing the last seven days with all of your beautiful faces. How has your week been? Has it been relaxing like mine, or has it been a lot more hectic?

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