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Sunday, 5 July 2015

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Hello Sun - welcome to England! How lovely it is to see you properly for the first time this year! Although, can I be so rude to make a small request? Could you try to save your absolutely scorching days for when I'm not moving all of my belongings from one flat to another? It would certainly be appreciated. 

Welcome to the first post of a new little series, 'Sunday Thoughts'. To give a basic overview, they're going to be pretty similar to my Instagram posts; only, without the Instagram photos. I'm going to use it as a place to tell all of your beautiful faces about my week, and possibly just write about anything that's on my mind. An open space for my brain to sing and dance! As for the pictures at the top of the post, I'm going to hold onto anything that makes me smile and/or provides me with inspiration throughout the week. Where my Instagram posts were numbered (going all the way up to 52... that's right, I posted my Instagram pictures on my blog for an entire year!), I'm not going to do the same with this new little series. If you want to check out any of my past Instagram posts, there are plenty for you to choose from by clicking here! As for the last seven days...

It's been quite a busy week, here in Kassi-land. Monday included a trip to the Garden Centre with Mama Bear, where she kindly bought me the cutest matching polka dot mugs to go in my new flat. I can definitely see myself and Meg having an entire cupboard full of mugs, as we will own a crazy amount when combined. I then had a few hours at work in the evening, helping to set up for the Fat Face July sale. Tuesday saw my Dad and I travel up to my flat in Manchester, and finish off packing up everything that I own. My Dad was wonderful enough to clean a few things for me as I packed, before we filled his car up to the brim with as many boxes as could possibly fit. Then came Wednesday morning, where we took a drive to my new flat, collected the keys, and started unpacking the car. Neither Meg nor myself are moving into our flat properly until September - I have simply moved all of my belongings across, to save from bringing them home for the Summer. Obviously, as we were climbing up endless flights of stairs with heavy boxes, it was 36° outside... it was definitely a very tiring day. To top it off, there was a fire on the M1, meaning that the two hour drive back to Nottingham stretched to a four hour drive, again, in the scorching sun. Thank god that my Dad's car has aircon!!! On Thursday, I had a shift at work before I met Lyndsey for a much-needed nandos. That evening, I headed down South to visit Jack, as Friday was his only day off. We had the most perfect day playing scrabble in his garden, having a lovely lunch out, taking a cheeky nap (oops), and just generally enjoying our time together. It was exactly what we both needed. I headed back up to Nottingham early yesterday morning, and this weekend will see my brother and I moving all of his belongings into his new flat. There is so much house moving happening at the moment! All in all, it's been another wonderful week (albeit a very tiring one).

What have you guys been up to this week? Have you managed to enjoy the sun at all?

P.S. By not needing nine photos for my weekly Instagram post, I've only managed three this week
P.P.S. I may have treated myself to a Marc Jacobs Daisy Dream body lotion this week... #sorrynotsorry

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