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Wednesday, 29 July 2015

Etsy is one of my all time favourite places to shop online. You can find absolutely everything that you're looking for - from all the blogging essentials, to the perfect home-made gifts. After spending quite a lot of time on Etsy just recently, browsing as well as buying (oops), I've complied a list of six stores that I think are well worth a mention. I've chosen three main categories, with two stores in each, all deserving of so much praise.

→ Blog Relevant: StellarGraphic and 17thAvenueDesigns
The lovely Katrina from StellarGraphic is the creator of my blog header, which I could not be happier with. Although it wasn't a completely custom design, her graphics are constantly being rotated, and I have never come across anybody that shares the same header as myself. She has so much incredible ones to choose from that I was spoilt for choice, but finally managed to decide on something pretty but simple. 17thAvenueDesigns are the store responsible for my blog theme, which I have had in place for a good few months now. If you're after a professional looking blog theme, without having to pay an insane amount of money for one, this is the perfect mid-priced shop. Again, I was spoilt for choice, and it took me far longer than I'd like to admit to single out my actual theme! Etsy stores can definitely come in handy if you want a beautiful, professional looking blog, but have limited creative or web design skills!

→ Incredible Wall Prints: TheMotivatedType and Feltmountainstudios
As a homeware addict, wall prints are something that I am constantly on the lookout for. TheMotivatedType are a brilliant store to bring some daily inspiration into your life, and is very Pinterest-esque with fantastic typography. With 87 pages of product (as I am writing this), they have every quote that you could ever want, and at very fair prices! Feltmountainstudios does stationary and canvas bags as well as wall prints, but their wall prints are some of the most gorgeous and unique that I've ever seen. My personal favourites include this 'Shine Bright' print, this 'You Light Me Up' print, and the 'Do What You Want' print in the picture above.

→ Cutesy Greeting Cards: OldEnglishCo and FairyMadePaperart
One of the skills that I credit myself with most is finding the perfect greeting cards. Paperchase is usually my go-to shop, but I've had no luck in the past few visits. After purcashing this adorable 'Little Spoon' and 'Big Spoon' mug set for myself and Jack, and a Mother's Day gift in this print for M Bear, OldEnglishCo has become my new fave for greeting cards. After buying a few similar things for my Mum from them over the last year, I fancied a new style for her birthday last month, and stumbled across FairyMadePaperart. I found a gorgeous little card for an amazing price, and the envelope that it arrived in had the most beautiful typography on it that I have ever seen (see here).

I would thoroughly recommend all six of these Etsy stores, as I have received nothing but amazing customer service from them all. I'm so happy to be supporting independent stores - for them, as they deserve every last penny that they make, and for myself, as I have made some outstanding finds! Which Etsy stores would you recommend? Have you used any of these six before? Leave me a comment below!

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