Can We Talk About: Half Painted Doors

Monday, 13 July 2015

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Is it just me, or does a half painted door look like the best home décor idea ever??? I would describe my style as simplistic, but I love the idea of having a pop of colour to really jazz things up. Imagine a white room, with white walls and white furniture, but with half of a door painted with a bright pink or yellow shade. Maybe I just have a crazy taste, but I think that it would look absolutely fantastic - really eye-catching and dazzling.

Out of the pictures that I've captured from Pinterest above, I find myself leaning towards both diagonally painted doors and only one colour, making the first image my dream door. I just love how suddenly cut off the yellow is, juxtaposing with the pure white on the top half. I do quite like the idea of a monochrome room, and so the second door definitely catches my eye. Although I definitely prefer the diagonal style, I love the way that the horizontal half painted door colours carry on to the walls surrounding them. The last door particularly interests me, as I love the beautiful purple shade, that continues to the adjoining walls. 

As always, I have far too much interest in home décor when I don't yet have a proper home to be decorating quite this way. At least I'll be prepared for the day that I'm given full freedom to decorate how I please, eh??? What do you make of half painted doors? Genius, or too much? Let me know your thoughts!

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