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Tuesday, 9 June 2015

Phone Case, Yellow Stripe, Mint Stripe, Gold Stripe, Clock, Mug, Tri-stripe, Treat Yo'self, Pineapple
Society6 is a website that I have always absolutely adored, but never actually purchased anything from before. Browsing their website whilst on the hunt for a phone case just recently, I found myself with a thousand and one tabs open, not being able to resist their beautiful designs. I flicked through all of the tabs and found the pieces that my heart was longing after, and decided to make a wish list to share with all of you (mainly just so that I didn't add it all to my basket, and accidentally click 'buy'). Most of the designs that they offer can be printed on to any item - for example, the 'Hello Beautiful' mug could also be a print for a cushion cover, a canvas, a duvet, and much much more. I have simply chosen my favourite print/item combinations.

Let's start with the obvious - cushions covers. Before closing all of the tabs that didn't quite make the cut, about 80% of them must have been cushions. I'm a cushion lover - I've written an entire post about them before, which you can find here. Mostly, I've chosen the most simple designs. Three of my choices are the same, merely changing in colour - staple stripes plus a block colour of yellow, mint, or a glittery gold (my personal favourite). They would all look so beautiful thrown onto a sofa together, really adding a pop of colour to the room. The fourth cushion that I have chosen is also stripy, but block stripes in different shades of blue instead. Can you tell that I'm a stripe lover too? My final cushion pick is a plain white background with a pineapple design in the middle. Pineapples are a high trend in home décor at the moment - the only improvement that I could suggest is that the pineapple was outlined in gold!

The other four items that I am lusting after are all different - a phone case, a clock, a mug, and a canvas. Weirdly, I found the image used for the phone case on tumblr a few months ago, and it has been saved to my phone ever since. A few weeks ago, I decided to use it for both my Facebook and Twitter header photos - and now I've stumbled across the phone case. No need to say how in love I am! For the clock, I had originally chosen the print as a cushion cover, but decided that it worked quite cleverly for the backdrop of a clock. We often forget to enjoy the little things in life as time passes us by, and so this would be a lovely reminder to slow down and smile. I would love to buy the mug for myself, as I love the contrast of the monochrome polka dots with the bright pink circle, but I'm not quite sure if I can justify buying myself something calling myself beautiful. (*cough* fancy doing the deed, Jack?) Again, the 'Treat Yo'self' canvas was originally chosen as a cushion cover (I just can't get enough, clearly), but I thought that it would look gorgeous displayed on a plain white wall, as a bit of wall inspiration. I cannot wait for the day that I can properly decorate the home that I am living in - it's going to be Pinterest galore.

Is there anything on this wish list that you'd love to get your hands on? Leave me a comment below!

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