Taking Stock: June

Thursday, 25 June 2015

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June is always my favourite month. See my November/February/April taking stock's here, here, and here.

Making: a plan for my Summer! I'm working at Fat Face again, and planning trips down South to visit Jack
Cooking: much less now that I'm home for the Summer. I do keep cooking my Mum Mexican food, though!
Drinking: more Coke... oops. I don't tend to buy it for myself, but it's so easy to drink when it's in the house
Reading: endless amounts of beauty blogs. I love knowing what to expect from a product before picking it up
Wanting: the sun to actually make an appearance in England! I want to wear Summer clothes please...
Looking: (as I write this) out of my back window, at the most perfect sunset. The little things, eh?
Playing: card/board games galore. I taught Jack a scrabble game called 'Pick Up', and he is obsessed
Deciding: what modules I want to take next year. I think I've got it narrowed down, just need to fill in the form!
Watching: Season 3 of Orange is The New Black. I most likely will have finished it when this goes live
Enjoying: looking back through my holiday photos again and again. Check out an entire post of them here!
Waiting: for the days that I will be reunited with some of my best friends throughout this Summer!
Liking: not having to worry so much about money now that I'm home for Summer. What's food shopping???
Wondering: what my results will be for second year. I think I get them back in the first week of July...
Loving: being able to spend so much more time with my Mum. Even just having dinner together is a treat
Hoping: that this Summer is one to remember, and that I'm not without Jack for too long all at once
Marvelling: at how easy it is to slot straight back into somewhere that you once belonged (Fat Face)
Needing: train tickets to lower in price please. Why are you expensive? Why are you so silly?
Smelling: freshly cut grass - what a wonderful Summer smell! Visits to the park are a must this Summer
Wearing: my new Tophsop snakeskin effect shoes. I am in loooove (although they have given me blisters)
Following: Matt McGorry (Bennett from OITNB). His twitter (here) is probably my favourite of all time
Noticing: the stars in the night sky now that I'm living next to fields again. Stars have such beauty
Thinking: about how to decorate mine and Meg's flat for third year. It's going to be amazing!
Admiring: everything from NARS, now that I have finally found the Space NK shop in Nottingham
Buying: less treats for myself. I need to save money for train tickets to see Jack, and for third year
Getting: happier by the day. I am in such a fantastic place in my life right now, and I am in utter bliss
Bookmarking: stationary upon stationary... I can probably justify this in September, but not now
Disliking: having to pay for bus fare. I love my trusty Manchester bus pass - I never have to carry change!
Snacking: is so much more tempting at home... my Mum buys such wonderful treats (#sorrynotsorry)

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